Your Pick of the Plots for Thursday, June 3.

Phil’s blood boils when he sees Callum in the café and he immediately leaves. Later, Kat tries to get through to Phil and encourages him to make amends with Ben and also to reach out and become part of Raymond’s life. Bert and Ernie are upset they don’t have anyone coming to ‘Bring Your Dad’ day at school and ask if Phil will come…

Meanwhile, Jean catches Mo acting shifty around the garage as a police car pulls up on the Square. The thought of saying goodbye to Mo hits Jean as she mutters to herself that she may not be around when she returns which Zack overhears.

Later Jean is agitated by what Mo has revealed to her, as Zack watches on, clearly concerned.  Jean and Kat bid a tearful farewell to Mo but once she’s gone, Zack asks Jean what she meant earlier. Jean shrugs him off and asks if he can help her.

Elsewhere, Nancy is suspicious that Linda is hiding something and confronts her.

EastEnders, 7.35pm, BBC One

Pollard is in hospital. Faith dashes to his bedside, but her visit doesn’t quite go as she hopes for. When Brenda arrives at the hospital, Faith meets her in the corridor and tells her that ‘Brenda’ was the first word Pollard spoke when he came round. Does that mean Pollard has made his choice?

Meanwhile, Ethan tells a worried Wendy what Luke has been up to.

Elsewhere, Jimmy and Nicola are excited to be having Carl back, but it will take a lot more to heal the rift between them.  Jamie gives Noah another covert mission.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm 

Fergus gets a visit from his tech guy, ‘Timmy’, who tells him there is a problem with operation ‘bluebird’. They’re losing subscribers because a camera has gone down, and they have 24 hours to get the camera live or their biggest subscriber is cancelling.

Meanwhile, Cindy is left scrambling for words when confronted about her actions yesterday, and Sue uses this as an opportunity to push her out of Luke’s life.

Elsewhere, Darren continues to try and impress Nancy, but she confides in Courtney that she doesn’t want to get hurt again.

Also, Grace announces that she will be having a big re-launch of The Loft.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Harriet apologises to Rob for yesterday, Rob insists it’s forgotten. Out on a job Rob has a blank moment and Harriet steps in to cover for him. Later, Harriet catches Rob bawling out a PCSO in the canteen and threatens him with Occupational Health, so Rob opens up about his PTSD.

Meanwhile, Daniel suggests to Zara that they take part in Sid’s last labour. Zara is reluctant and Daniel calls out her selfishness.

Elsewhere, Emma finds herself caught up in Barry’s personal life.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

As Abi pursues Corey, Asha clocks the bottle in her hand and begs her to drop it, pointing out that Seb wouldn’t want her back in prison. Later, having got the drugs from Abi, Asha slips them into Corey’s drink. Nina is shocked when she learns what Asha is up to.

With Corey unconscious, Asha scrolls through his phone. But when a call from worried Nina causes him to stir, is Asha in danger?

Meanwhile, Carla and Sarah load up the van with boxes of knickers and make their getaway. Adam breaks the news to Peter he’s no longer willing to be a liver donor.

Elsewhere, the repercussions of Sharon’s unmasking are felt throughout the street.

Coronation Street, ITV, 9pm

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