Being grey makes for a good pay day

A study suggests that silver foxes are likey to be the most successful when it comes to celebrity dosh.

When it comes to determining fame and success, we can use celebrities as examples. A recent study by found that celebs with a Taurus star sign are most likely to be successful on TikTok.

But does hair colour also determine success? After analysing Forbes’ Celeb 100 and Wealthiest celebrities lists results have been noted.

Taking the lead as those most likely to be successful are celebrities with grey/white hair. On average stars with this hair colour have a net worth of £2.2 billion, thanks to the contributions of George Lucas with a net worth of £7 billion, as well as Steven Spielberg with a net worth of £4 billion

Despite there only being six celebrities falling under this natural hair colour, they are the biggest earners from the last three years showing things really do get better with age, success being one of them.

Following in second place are celebs with black hair. They were found to have an average net worth of £300.3 million. Contributing to this are Kanye West with a net worth of £4 billion, Oprah with a net worth of £2.5 billion and Simon Cowell with a worth of £422 million.

In third place is natural ginger/red hair. Despite only five celebrities helping to make up this hair group, their combined net worth averaged an enviable £246 million. From Elton John’s net worth of £352 million to Ed Sheeran’s sum of £140 million, it goes to show that despite only 1-2% of the world’s population having this hair colour, they are clearly made for success.

Not far behind in fourth place, with an average net worth of £221.4 million, are celebs with brown hair. Contributing to the average is Kim Kardashian with a net worth of £986.4 million, as well as her sister Kylie Jenner with a net worth of £493.2 million and Mark Wahlberg whose worth is set at £246.6 million.

Celebrities with blonde hair land in last place with the lowest average net worth of £131.3 million. Among the celebs analysed with naturally blonde hair are Ellen DeGeneres with a net worth of £352.4 million, Taylor Swift at £281.9 million and everyone’s favourite chef Gordon Ramsay at £155 million.


  1. Using Forbes’ 100 of ‘The World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities’ and America’s Wealthiest Celebrities as seed lists, took into account the 5 natural hair colours (black, brown, blonde, ginger/red and grey/white) for each celebrity listed.
  2. Using Celebrity Net Worth, the net worth of each celebrity was then recorded. The averages were then taken across each hair colour group and ranked and to see which hair colour on average is the most financially successful.
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