Cracks are showing in the regime at Rome in the final episodes of Domina

Best on the Box choice for Friday, June 4th.


It has been almost a year since Marcellus, Gaius’ favourite, died in troubling circumstances, and there are cracks showing in the regime at Rome.

Not only is a former governor, Primus, being put on trial for starting an illegal war that was ordered by Gaius, but Drusus is showing an impetuous streak that makes Livia worry for the prospects of her Mission.

And in the final episode, Livia prepares to take a long trip away with Gaius, but is forced to face some big changes.

With no certainty about when or if she will return, Piso pushes Livia to tell her sons about their role in her Mission to restore the Republic – while Antigone also reveals that she is leaving to raise her child outside Rome

Domina, episodes Treason and Happiness in a double bill from 9 pm on Sky Atlantic. Catch up with NOW.
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