OTD: Telford New Town

On this Day: June 9th 1975.

The film for the ATV childen’s schools/education programme Look Around takes a wander through Telford new town.

The footage opens with shots of a dry ski slope at Telford, followed by views of the new town including rows of housing, signs for businesses and views of pedestrianised walk-ways and an underpass.

The report then shows the interior of a shopping centre followed by shots of a large car-park and interior of the Telford Centre and Carrefour hypermarket including check-out operators at work.

After shots of the bus station we see leisure facilities in the new town including young people taking part in trampoline, gymnastics and table tennis followed by more shots on the dry ski slope. Finally we see views of the nearby Ironbridge, a restored blacksmith’s forge and the Blists Hill museum including shots of the remains of historic blast furnaces.

Thrill at this 1970s time long gone forever.

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