Kelly Condron returns to Hollyoaks

Kelly Condron reprises the role of Zara Morgan, twenty-two years since she first appeared on the soap.

Kelly first joined Hollyoaks in 1999 as Luke Morgan’s sister, Zara, the youngest Morgan sibling. Reunited with original cast members Gary Lucy and Nick Pickard in the story Kelly’s character Zara returns to the village upon hearing about her mum, Sue’s funeral, via a public social media post.

“Zara returns all grown up. She’s a keen environmentalist, but she still has the fiery personality and the outspoken nature she’s always had. She’s back, and is going to make sure everyone in the village knows about it.” – Kelly Condron

However, the first time around the troublemaker caused quite a stir during her six years in the village, even going as far as trying to burn down the school. Zara left the village in 2005 to work for a charity in Thailand and hasn’t been seen since.

Now in 2021 in the coming weeks, Luke’s sister, Eco-warrior Zara soon falls back into the lovable little sister role – from bickering fiercely with Luke one minute to reminiscing the next. She has certainly matured since her student days – but she’s still capable of coming out with a cutting or sardonic comment and will call things as she sees them.

“When I was first approached by Hollyoaks to bring Zara back, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I’m really excited to be back in the iconic village after such a long time, and to work with the team playing a part in what’s going to be such an important and relevant story.

“It’s really lovely to be working with the old cast again, such as Nick, and Steph, and of course Zara’s big brother, Gary Lucy, who feels like my big brother at times… Even though I have been away for such a long time, it still feels very familiar; A lot of the crew are the same, and it still feels very warm and welcoming, it’s like I’ve come back to the family. – Kelly Condron

Viewers can catch a first glimpse of Zara in the brand-new Summer trailer which will be released tomorrow at 5pm on all Hollyoaks’ social media platforms. Kelly’s first episode reprising Zara Morgan will be on Wednesday 4th August E4, and you can catch it again on Thursday 5th August Channel 4.

“There is hope for Tony’s brother Dom to fall out of the wardrobe in the future then too?” – TV Critic Vivian Summers

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