Jonny Brownlee ponders Paris 2024

The athlete spoke to ITV earlier today.

Olympic champion Jonny Brownlee appeared on Lorraine today and said he may be up for competing in Paris in 2024, despite saying two months ago that Tokyo would be his last Olympic Games.

On winning gold in the triathlon mixed team relay, Jonny told Christine Lampard: “It’s a strange feeling. I never thought when I started my triathlon career as a young kid that I’d win three different medals, three different colours. I’m super, super proud. I got back late last night and I already went for a little swim this morning, so I’m still keeping on going.”

On his times being the best of the day, Jonny said: “Competing in the first mixed team relay in triathlon in the Olympic Games was really special. As an older athlete, it’s probably my last Olympic Games. I thought the real fast-twitch stuff [short bursts of energy], I wasn’t actually that good at. So to know I can do it in a relay, the fastest time on the run which is only a 2k run, maybe I believed I could do it. I said it was my last Olympic Games, but I felt so good that maybe I can go to Paris in three years’ time.”

And on the bond he has with the rest of his team members, Jonny revealed: “We’re quite a close team, all four of the guys have trained at Leeds at some point, Jess and Georgia train in Leeds still, that’s where I train as well, Alex trained there for four years, so we know each other pretty well. We were on a training camp together beforehand, we were actually in Japan for two weeks before the race, on a holding camp, so we spent loads of hours together and you’re in a close bond. It’s really great Jess started us off so well.”

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