24 Hours in A&E moves to the East Midlands

In its 10th anniversary year 24 Hours in A&E – is moving hospitals.

From autumn 2021, the Garden Productions series will be filmed at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham – one of the busiest Major Trauma Centre in the country. Production of the series will move from The Garden’s London office to its Garden Yorkshire office in Leeds, opening up opportunities to work on the series to freelance talent across the Midlands and the North of England.

“We are incredibly excited that Channel 4 have chosen the Queen’s Medical Centre as the new home of their twice BAFTA nominated and Royal Television Society award winning ‘24 Hours in A&E’. We have one of the biggest Major Trauma Centre’s in the country, and our Emergency Department treats over 600 patients every day, so there will be plenty of interesting patient and staff stories to watch.” – Dr Keith Girling, Medical Director at Nottingham University Hospitals

24 Hours in A&E was first broadcast in 2011 and has now transmitted over 250 episodes in 24 series.  It began life at King’s College Hospital in London before moving to St George’s Hospital – also in South London – in 2014.

For the last two years, the series has been cutting more of its episodes in the North of England with local talent.  The change of hospital is the final step in this gradual move out of London, but Channel 4 and The Garden will continue to work closely with St George’s and Kings on major new medical series Emergency 2021, shooting this summer across the London Trauma Network.

“This [series] will give us a real opportunity to show the dedication, passion and skill of our teams and the care and kindness shown to our emergency patients.  We know there is a huge amount of pride in what we do, and we will be able to show the world (literally) the amazing individuals that make up Team NUH.” – Dr Keith Girling, Medical Director at Nottingham University Hospitals

The Nottingham episodes will air on Channel 4 from 2022.

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