EastEnders casts Martha Cope as Dotty’s mum Sandy

Martha will arrive in Walford as Sandy Gibson, Dotty Cotton’s mum but it’s not quite the reunion her daughter was hoping for…

“I’ve watched EastEnders since it began and I’m beyond excited to join such an iconic show. I am having a great time playing Sandy.” – Martha Cope

Sandy’s arrival in Walford this autumn will herald chaos, the BBC note.

Sandy is a problem drinker whose life has seldom been in order. She met the notorious Nick Cotton (John Altman) whilst in her cups and the pair had a brief relationship. Their daughter, Dotty, was born in February 2001. Nick took over custody of Dotty following one of his many stints in prison, lying to her that her mother had passed away in a car accident.

In 2009 Nick used his daughter – then played by Molly Conlin – in a sinister plot to bump off his mum Dot (June Brown). He was soon rumbled and after causing a fire at Ian Beale’s caff, he fled the Square leaving Dot to look after Dotty.

Dot was surprised when a very-much-alive Sandy turned up in Walford to find her daughter in February 2010. Sandy and Dotty left the Square together shortly afterwards.

Inset: Caroline Pegg as Sandy. Main picture: Martha Cope as the 2021 Sandy.

The character of Dotty was reintroduced to EastEnders in 2019 with actress Milly Zero in the role, however, Dotty hasn’t spoken of her mum much and she has stayed well away.

No one is more shocked than Dotty when Sandy drops by unannounced and causes chaos in the process.

“Martha is a brilliant addition to our cast – we’re excited to welcome her to Walford. To say Sandy has a chequered past is an understatement and it’s no secret that Dotty’s upbringing was marred by her parents.

“Sandy’s arrival catches Dotty off guard and she will be forced to confront everything that she has tried to leave behind.” – Jon Sen, Executive Producer of EastEnders

Martha’s previous credits include Doctors, Men Behaving Badly, Family Affairs, Doctor Who and Holby City.

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