This week in River City Roisin McIntyre returns…

River City returns to BBC Scotland and BBC One Scotland after its summer break.

We’re back in Shieldinch and a familiar face arrives on Montego Street, as Roisin McIntyre returns. She quickly makes an impact on the locals by ruffling Bernie’s feathers and turning Sonny’s head. Meanwhile, Stevie’s anxious about starting counselling.

Stevie and Scarlett bump into Roisin and the revelation she’s the therapist stuns both mother and son. Far from happy, Scarlett tries to sabotage the session but is quickly put in her place by Roisin, who demands privacy with her patient. As Stevie tentatively opens up, the session stalls when they realise that Scarlett is eavesdropping. A heated exchange with Roisin follows, which spills out onto the street. Unimpressed, Stevie storms off.

Elsewhere, after the turmoil of the trial, Maggie receives good news from Caitlin: the case against her is closed. Caitlin urges her mother to make the most of her freedom. However, Maggie’s return to work at the Health Centre falters when she suffers a panic attack.

Bob comes across a broken-down car and its owner – Rebecca. Pleased to see her back in town, Bob is further impressed when Rebecca shows her knowledge about cars. As they chat, Rebecca gets emotional about the mess her life is in. Realising he could offer her a new start, Bob makes Rebecca a surprising proposal. Eve struggles in the aftermath of Cameron’s court hearing. Sensing her mother’s despair, Lou suggests she takes some time to herself.

Joyce Falconer reprises her role of Roisin McIntyre.

“I’m delighted to be back in the River City family. No matter what else I’ve done in my career Roisin never really left me, so it’s a joy to step back on to Montego Street and get to know her all over again.

“She’s always been a brilliant role to play and I’m excited about the storylines she’ll embrace. Roisin’s a tough quine with a big heart who knows what she wants and how to get it! She’s still bold and brassy but expect to see another side to her too.” – Joyce Falconer

Roisin McIntyre, loud, brash and generally outspoken, arrived in 2002 and fast became one of the show’s most iconic characters, with her unmistakable Doric accent and no-nonsense attitude towards life.

An employee of the Lazy Rays tanning shop on Montego Street, some of Roisin’s most memorable storylines included her love affair with boss Raymond (Paul Samson), winning the lottery, her over-the-top wedding to Raymond and reunion with her secret love child Alanna (Jade Lezar). The character was last seen on screen in 2008.

“We’re delighted about the return of Roisin to River City. So much has happened in Shieldinch since she left and I’m sure she’ll have an outrageous story or two to share as well.” – Gavin Smith, BBC Scotland’s Executive Producer

River City, BBC Scotland Channel, Monday, August 30th, 10 pm.
Repeated later in the week on BBC One Scotland.

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