ITV2 is Ready to Mingle

Ready to Mingle is a reality dating game show, launching tonight on ITV2.

Hosted by Katherine Ryan, the show follows a single girl in her quest to find the perfect boyfriend, as 12 male suitors compete for her affections and the opportunity to share a £50,000 cash prize.

“I am so excited to be a part of this new dating game show. How could I say no? It’s like nothing we’ve seen before but still with all the drama and dating dilemmas we love to see, and I’ll be there front row as it all unfolds!” – Katherine Ryan

However, in a mischievous twist, some of these guys are already in relationships. Not only do some have partners but those very partners aren’t so far away – in fact they’re watching every move their boyfriends make. Play the game well, come across as convincingly single, and it could be a partnered-up boy scooping the cash prize.

As the single girl and boys take residence in a stunning house in Devon for three weeks, the girl will get to know each boy through activities, games and dates. She’ll eliminate a boy until one she feels is truly single remains. The big question is, who is in it for love and who’s just there for the money?

“I am a long-time fan of Reality TV. I think I was a fan of Reality TV by early 2000, maybe…? And I was talking about Reality TV in stand-up and people told me ‘no, Katherine. That’s lowbrow. No one cares about that.’ I think now we’ve all come to realise that Reality, especially watching people find love, is very compelling and it tells us a lot about society in general. It’s a real mix of low and high media and I just love it.

“And I like bringing comedy to it. I think Ready To Mingle specifically is my favourite format because of its level of honesty. There are liars but there’s so much transparency about what the game is, what the challenge is and it’s just a whole fresh take where we put all the cards on the table. That’s what makes it so entertaining and compelling.” – Katherine Ryan

Ready To Mingle, ITV2, 9 pm

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