Ready To Mingle: Relationship expert reveals how to spot dubious lads…

A relationship expert has spoken about signs your partner – or potential love interest may be lying.

With ITV2’s lastest dating show, Ready to Mingle, on the air Lauren Cook-McKay a relationship therapist, has been offering up the signs to look out for if you want to avoid a dubious kind of fella.

“The new ITV dating show is unlike any other dating show, in the sense that it is almost glorifying and rewarding lying to your partner; 6 boys are encouraged to lie their way into stealing Sophia’s heart and the £50,000 prize.” – Lauren Cook-McKay, relationship therapist at Divorce Answers

Commenting on the key signs of a liar Lauren notes to look out for include avoiding eye contact, looking around the room and turning away from someone as you speak is a key sign of guilt. Toby couldn’t look Sophia in the eye and kiss her, revealing he is in a relationship!

Also watch for hesitation when being asked a question often means someone is preparing a fake answer, giving a vague answer is another sign of telling porkies. In the ITV2 show we’ve seen Malcolm and Lewis become fidgety which indicates they are nervous whilst lying and needs to keep moving to provide a distraction and also the awkward kiss between Sophia and Rudi had no sexual chemistry, Rudi doesn’t touch Sophia and keeps his distance proving he is actually in a relationship.

“I’ve spotted many of the boys showing common signs of lying with their body language, such as avoiding eye contact. When people are lying, they tend to glance around the room, stare right past you or turn away from you whilst talking. They won’t tend to look you directly in the eye, as direct eye contact increases feelings of pressure and guilt.

“When Sophia questions the boys, many of them show serious hesitation (I’m looking at you Hakeem and Malcolm!), which is one of the most common signs of lying. If your partner does not answer a question straight away and has a long wait to prepare an answer, this is a clear sign of lying.” – Lauren Cook-McKay

Hosted by comedian Katherine Ryan, Ready To Mingle follows a single girl in the search for her perfect partner, as twelve male suitors compete for her affections and the chance to win a big money prize.

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However, in a mischievous twist, the ITV2 show has put in the mix some men who have already got a girlfriend and are being guided by their partners in pursuit of the prize. Taking up residence in a luxurious house, the single girl will get to know all the boys through activities, games and dates, eliminating each boy one-by-one until her ‘dream man’ remains. Which boy will be left standing? Can she suss out who is the real deal? They may not all be single, but they’re all in it to mingle.

“Giving a vague answer is another sign of telling porkies – watch out for any boys giving vague answers when Sophia asks about their previous relationships! On the other side of the coin, many liars will provide more specific information than is necessary to give the impression they are not lying – overegging the pudding is a clear sign of a liar. Unusual voice fluctuations, word choice and sentence structures are also giveaways that someone is hiding the truth, and is uncomfortable about doing so!” – Lauren Cook-McKay

The programme is airing across three weeks, weeknights at 9 pm on ITV2, the latest ‘romance’ show for the channel following the success of controversial Love Island for the network.  In Ready To Mingle its not just love that is in the air as 12 male suitors compete for the affections of the leading lady, there is also the opportunity to share a £50,000 cash prize.

As the single girl and boys take residence in a stunning house in Devon for three weeks, the girl will get to know each boy through activities, games and dates. She’ll eliminate a boy until one she feels is truly single remains. The big question is, who is in it for love and who’s just there for the money? The show will air its final week of episodes next week.

“As seen on the show, body language is a surefire way to tell when someone is lying. When lying the individual will struggle to keep still and will become fidgety, they will move around, touch their hair, cross their arms or legs and touch their face. This is a key sign that the individual is nervous whilst lying and needs to keep moving to provide a distraction. Lewis and Malcolm tend to move their hands around and stand awkwardly. It can be tough to determine if your partner is lying to you, but looking out for these common signs can make all the difference.” – Lauren Cook-McKay, relationship therapist at Divorce Answers

Ready To Mingle, weeknights at 9pm on ITV2
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