Sister Boniface Mysteries for UKTV’s Drama

Drama secures UK broadcasting rights for Sister Boniface Mysteries as Max Brown and Jerry Iwu join Lorna Watson in Father Brown spin-off series.

UKTV today have announced that their Drama channel will exclusively broadcast Sister Boniface Mysteries Lorna Watson (Watson & Oliver), Max Brown (Downton Abbey), Jerry Iwu (Halal Daddy), Miranda Raison (MI-5), and Ami Metcalf (Allied) are set to star as the leads of the light-hearted ten-episode murder mysteries series.

“We know our viewers love the best that British drama has to offer, so we’re thrilled that we can offer them a brand-new series from Jude Tindall that they won’t find anywhere else on British television.” – Emma Ayech, Drama channel director

Set in 1960s rural England, this entertaining detective drama follows the investigations of Sister Boniface of St Vincent’s Convent – nun, moped rider, winemaker and part-time forensic scientist. The popular character, brought to life by Lorna Watson, first appeared on screens in the Father Brown episode “The Bride of Christ”. Created by Jude Tindall and produced by BBC Studios Drama Productions, the programme to fill hour-long slots on Drama, will also see a special appearance from Mark Williams as Father Brown.

Sister Boniface Mysteries dives into the endearing world of Great Slaughter and its secret weapon in its fight against crime, Sister Boniface. At a time when police forensics is rudimentary, Boniface’s I.Q. of 156, her PHD in forensic science, plus an addiction to popular detective fiction and a fully equipped crime laboratory make her an invaluable aid to Police investigations. Mud, blood, stains, hairs and fibres. If there is evidence to be found Boniface will find it. Poisons, trace evidence, bloodstains, etymology. She’s more up to speed on the latest forensic techniques than the Police.

In her role as official Police Scientific Advisor, Boniface works alongside the dashing maverick Detective Inspector Sam Gillespie, played by Max Brown, and Detective Sergeant Felix Livingstone portrayed by Jerry Iwu. Felix was supposed to be on secondment to the Metropolitan Police but an administrative error lands him in Great Slaughter. A cast of eccentric local characters combined with his boss’s reliance on a nun leaves him reeling. Although as Sam points out, that “Nun” ensures they have the highest clean-up rate in the county.

Miranda Raison joins the cast as Ruth Penny, a hard-nosed investigative journalist and editor of the Albion Bugle. Ami Metcalf will play the role of Peggy Button, the young, unshakeable police constable. The cast also includes Belinda Lang, Sarah Crowden, David Sterne, Virginia Fiol, Ivan Kaye, and more as supporting roles.

“I can’t wait to get back in the habit and fight crime in Sister Boniface Mysteries! She is such a fun character to play. In many ways she’s ahead of her time and I love her for that. It’s not every day you get to play a crime solving, Vespa driving nun.” – Lorna Watson

Sister Boniface Mysteries will air exclusively in the UK on UKTV’s free-to-air channel Drama, and on-demand service UKTV Play in 2022.

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