Together TV’s Diverse Film Fund aims to celebrate Black British lives today

Five emerging British filmmakers were each awarded a production fee of £10k to put towards the creation of a short documentary.

Together TV’s Diverse Film Fund will transmit every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout October from 7pm as part of Black History Month the channel today announced.

Five emerging filmmakers were selected from over 170 applicants to tell stories that celebrate Black British lives today. Together TV supported and funded the production of each 10-minute documentary to give a platform for the stories that need to be told in the hopes of creating positive social change.

Here are the results of the funding and filming…

Superheroes Wear Hoodies By Jason Osbourne. A group of Black youths, led by Joyclen Buffong, came together to run a community shop and food distribution programme inside one of East London’s most notorious estates to feed their local community during the pandemic. Thanks to their hard work, they have been able to change the narrative about young Black boys and girls from their estate, proving that superheroes do indeed wear hoodies.

Our Land By Alexandra Genova. Our Land is the story of two Black food growers from London as they search for land to launch their farming businesses. Refusing to be held back by barriers of race, class or land injustice, the pair are determined to carve their own path in the predominantly white agricultural industry.

The Black Equestrian by Sheila Kayuma. Three Black British women in Equestrianism chronicle their journey into Polo, Show Jumping and Dressage, highlighting the ups and downs faced by black people in the equestrian world. The Black Equestrian showcases the beauty of the heritage sport, whilst shining a light on the efforts to diversify ‘The Sport of Kings’.

Barry the Beekeeper By Ikram Ahmed. Barry, an elderly Jamaican born beekeeper, has been the heart of his local community in Liverpool for over 20 years. Despite the pandemic slowing down the campaign to keep his beloved Caribbean centre open, Barry takes inspiration from his bees and is still reminded that hope and togetherness can be found in all situations.

The Beyoncé Experience by Blaise Singh. Aaron Carty gave up a career as a police officer to live his dream of becoming a positive role model for the Black Queer community as a Beyoncé drag act. We follow Aaron’s struggle in running a media agency full time, producing, and performing ‘The Beyoncé Experience’ but still finding time to volunteer for a controversial movement with UK Black Pride.

Together TV: Freeview 82 | Sky 170 | Virgin TV 269 | Freesat 164

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