It’s an explosive night for the EastEnders

Tonight its blazing with action in Albert Square.

Tonight’s episode – a rare full-length outing for the BBC soap opera – sees Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks), Tommy Moon (Sonny Kendall), and Scarlett Butcher (Tabitha Byron) all inside No.55 as it goes up in flames.

With Phil still out cold from Shirley whacking him over the head with a baseball bat, Janine is upstairs trying to lure Scarlett away but facing resistance from the children. Tommy locks the bedroom door and throws the key down a crack in the floorboards.

Downstairs a fire is taking hold in the kitchen. As the smoke rises to the upper floor, Janine and the kids start to panic.

Within spitting distance of the fire, a spluttering Phil stirs and slowly registers the danger that he’s in. Outside, Ben (Max Bowden) and Callum (Tony Clay) notice the house engulfed with flames, which we see are getting dangerously close to a gas canister. They rush over.

Meanwhile, Gray (Toby Alexander-Smith) confronts Kheerat (Jaz Deol) about leaving flowers outside his house on the anniversary of Chantelle’s death. Spotting the fire at Phil’s, Kheerat pushes past him. Gray follows Kheerat into the well-alight building.

An explosion goes off…

At the laundrette, Shirley (Linda Henry) frets to Jean (Gillian Wright) that she could somehow be responsible for the blaze after attacking Phil. However, when the police turn up, it’s Jean they want to speak to in relation to a drug offence.

Elsewhere, Linda (Kellie Bright) is experiencing contractions but it doesn’t keep Jack (Scott Maslen) from trying to get to the bottom of Rainie’s accusations.


EastEnders, BBC One, 8pm

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