E4 reboot GamesMaster

It’s been off air for 23 years, but GamesMaster is set to make a return to E4 later this year, in partnership with Oculus Quest 2 from Facebook.

“GamesMaster was a household name back in the 90’s and this new revamped version for social and E4 retains the elements that made this show so special, whilst also bringing it bang up to date, improving game quality and bringing in fresh and current names to tackle the trickiest GamesMaster challenges yet.” – Sacha Khari, Head of Digital Commissioning at Channel 4.

In this new E4 Digital Original Commission the three-episode series will premiere on E4’s YouTube before a linear broadcast on E4. It is the first fully cross-platform branded entertainment deal of this type from 4Studio.

The series will see celebrities, gaming stars and super fans all take part in challenges, races and epic fights. Through virtual battles across a range of games, the competitors will try everything in their power to claim a legendary Golden Joystick Trophy. But whilst they play, they’ll be watched over by the all-knowing GamesMaster, famously portrayed in the original by Sir Patrick Moore.

To introduce GamesMaster into the modern era of gaming, E4 has partnered with Oculus from Facebook to showcase Oculus Quest 2, a VR headset that will elevate the player’s experiences and break out of the two dimensional.

GamesMaster, a Future PLC brand, launched in January 1992 and ran for seven series. The programme was the first British show dedicated to gaming and across the run, became a cultural phenomenon with names such as Ian Wright and Zoe Ball as celebrity guests and a young Simon Amstell as a hopeful contestant.

“I grew up watching GamesMaster and feel a real sense of pride and responsibility in bringing this ground breaking brand back to life. We are beyond thrilled to be partnering with Channel 4, Oculus Quest 2 from Facebook and Alaska TV on this cross-platform, social-first proposition. Although the games have changed, the energy, mayhem and punk spirit of the original show will be unmistakably the same.” – John Farrar, Executive Producer from Barcroft Studios

Episodes will premiere on E4’s YouTube, followed by a screening on E4. Further information on the casting, including the face of the GamesMaster, will be revealed in due course.

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  1. GAMESMASTER perfect but sadly GAMESMASTER himself Patrick Moore passed away a while ago now so whos going to be GAMESMASTER now? Sadly all my games shops have gone locally so i dewal with SEGA direct in Brentwood, I dont deal with NINTENDO they are a pain in the arse, out to cause trouble and too expensive SO LET THE GAMING BEGIN IN PLAYING SEGA SG1000 GAMES!!

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