Adam Woodward departs Hollyoaks as Brody is bumped off by Warren

Brody Hudson was killed in the E4 screening tonight when Warren Fox drove a car right into the hunk. 

Viewers were hot under the collar when Brody Hudson arrived with best friend Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts) in Summer 2017, both filming their first scenes in Ibiza. Cocktail mixer Brody always had a dream of one day having his own bar with Damon in New York. 

Adam embarked on a hard-hitting footballer abuse storyline in 2018, which saw him win Best Dramatic Performance at the 2019 British Soap Awards, and Best Actor at the 2019 Inside Soap Awards. Adam has also been involved in many more memorable storylines, including the popular on-again-off-again relationship between Brody and Sienna Blake, played by Anna Passey. 

Damon and Brody, Hollyoaks.

“His happy go lucky carefree attitude was soon cut short with his past came back to haunt him in the form of Buster. I will forever cherish my time working on the abuse storyline for the positive impact we all made, and how well received it was by the audience.

“My time playing Brody has given me memories I will never forget and friends I’ll keep for a lifetime. Least of which Anna Passey, who made playing one half of Brienna an absolute pleasure. Brody found his soul mate in Sienna, however complicated and bumpy love can be, she was there for him right to the end.” – Adam Woodward

In the latest Hollyoaks episode, Summer Ranger’s reign of terror finally comes to an end after she returns to face off with her rivals’ Sienna and Brody, and finally enact her revenge. In an attempt to save Sienna’s life, Brody agrees to hand himself in to the police for Cormac’s death, but when he leaves, Sienna realises Summer has no intention of keeping up her side of the deal, and she manages to attack first and escape in time to prevent Brody from handing himself in.  

The end of Brody, Hollyoaks.

For a fleeting moment, Sienna and Brody see a happy ending on the horizon, until a drunken Warren, believing Brody is planning to tell the police the truth about his involvement in Cormac’s death, crashes into him in a hit-and-run horror which takes his life, and Sienna grieves in heart-breaking scenes. Many of the village residents will be affected by the tragic loss, including Brody’s daughter, Faith, the love of his life, Sienna, and his best friends Damon and Liberty. Following his death, his grieving loved ones will turn on each as they point the blame. 

 “I know his bromance with Damon will also never be forgotten! If you’ve loved Brody or hated him, just know I appreciate you watching him. Goodbye Brody and thanks for everything.”  – Adam Woodward

 Adam Woodward’s final scenes on Hollyoaks aired tonight at 7pm on E4, the edition will air tomorrow on Channel 4.

Sienna, Liberty and Brody, Hollyoaks.
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