This week in Casualty Jade is compromised while in Holby City Jac is in no mood to listen

This week in the BBC medical sagas…

In an episode entitled ‘The Road Less Travelled‘ Jade has a hellish day, while Stevie is up to no good.

When a minivan carrying hearing-impaired passengers becomes part of a road traffic accident, Jade is asked to help interpret for the patients. However, she’s full of mixed emotion when she discovers one of the minivan passengers is Susie, her estranged mother.

Later Dylan finds a small bag of drugs in Jade’s locker, planted there by Stevie, leaving Jade to make a major decision about her future at the Holby City Hospital.

Casualty, BBC One, 9.30 pm

This week in the general wards of Holby City Hospital as Jeni starts making plans to send Evie away, will Fletch and Donna find out the dark truth about what she did to their daughters before it’s too late?

Also this week Jac refuses to listen to Max who insists she starts looking into alternative treatment options for her tumour. Will Jac see sense and start thinking pragmatically while she still can? While Josh is lovingly supportive of new mum Ange and cheers her up when she’s at her lowest. But, underneath it all, is Josh really as strong as Ange thinks he is?

Holby City, BBC One (England and Wales) Tuesday, 7.50 pm. BBC One Scotland, Tuesday, 8.20pm.

Casualty, Saturday, 9.30pm on BBC One
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