DJ threatens to declare his love for Sioned in Pobol y Cwm while Anest is worried in Rownd a Rownd

This week in the S4C serials…

DJ threatens to declare his love for Sioned, against Eileen’s wishes. Meanwhile, Hywel is stunned to learn that Gaynor has no intention of returning to work. With the cat out of the bag, Sioned must relive one of the worst days of her life as she comes face to face with DJ. Over in Bryntirion, Kelly meets Mickey behind Anita’s back.

Lois’s return to Cwmderi is bittersweet for Gaynor as secrets from her past come to light. As a result, Colin comes to terms with the information that Gaynor has kept quiet for decades.

As Dani enjoys her surprise birthday celebrations, there is one surprise that definitely wasn’t planned for. Meanwhile, Cassie gives Kelly a word of warning as she sees her getting closer to Mickey.

Pobol y Cwm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8.00; S4C
English and Welsh subtitles
Omnibus on Sunday with on-screen English subtitles


Anest is worried about Iestyn’s behaviour and decides to try and find out what is wrong, but she may find herself even more worried after questioning him.

Kay is beginning to become overwhelmed with all of her responsibilities and finds herself facing a difficult question – how long can things go on like this and who is always there to lean on? Even though she is expecting his baby, Sophie is finding it hard to spend time with Dylan and he’s starting to notice, which in turn puts Mel in an awkward position.

As Iestyn is still struggling Gwenno reaches the end of her tether and decides to take an unexpected step in order to save their relationship.

The situation between Carwyn and Iestyn gets worse as Anest understands where Iestyn has got his rent money.

Rownd a Rownd
Every Tuesday and Thursday 8.25, S4C
English and Welsh subtitles

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