Pick of the Plots: Monday 20th September

Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, September 20.

Linda is concerned about Rainie’s outburst in the pub, and is determined that Mick will be the baby’s legal father when he signs the birth certificate tomorrow.

Whilst on a walk, Nancy notices flyers everywhere stating that Max is the father of Linda’s baby. Mick confronts Rainie but she refuses to back down – convinced that Annie is the key to luring Max back to Walford. All bets are off when Mick takes matters into his own hands

Meanwhile, Rocky listens to Ethan and Sonia talk about their date. Rocky shows Whitney a poster of her gig but she’s unsure about going ahead with it.

Later, Rocky is pleasantly surprised when Whitney shows up and the gig goes swimmingly. However, he gets distracted when he sees Ethan at the bar kissing another woman. Rocky, no longer able to hold his anger, punches Ethan before being taken away by security.

Elsewhere, Jean visits Stacey in prison. Ruby has a parting shot for Martin.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8.05pm

Zeedan attacks Ryan for cheating on Alya but she doesn’t appreciate his interference. Later, two thugs grab Zeedan outside Speed Dahl. Elaine and Cathy are horrified to discover Zeedan slumped in the ginnel, battered and bleeding.

At the hospital, Zeedan gives a statement to Craig and suggests that Ryan might have been his attacker. Furious, Ryan tears a strip off Zeedan for trying to frame him. Zeedan comes clean to Yasmeen and Alya, explaining he’s in trouble.

Meanwhile, Sharon visits Kelly and tells her not to worry about money – somebody has made an anonymous donation. Kelly assumes it’s her dad and takes it as proof that he is still alive.

Mia is horrified to realise that Kelly is Rick Neelan’s daughter. She reveals he is the reason she is locked up and her mum is dead. Kelly is stunned. As Mia casts doubt over Rick’s new life in Spain, Kelly calls Gary to demand some answers.

Elsewhere, Freda fumes over a typo; Daniel offers to help Summer with her uni application.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Paddy can’t believe it when Marlon not only accepts Al as a potential investor in the pub but offers to sell him his entire stake.

Paddy turns to Kim for help in getting rid of Al. Kim argues that getting Al out of HOP would actually be in her interests, so she needs Paddy to sweeten the deal for her.

Meanwhile, Will’s loyalty is rewarded as Kim appoints him as her new estate manager.

Elsewhere, Diane is uneasy when her date Michael is more interested in his jigsaw than her.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Warren decides to cut ties with Fergus after he tried to rope him into his drug deal. In the midst of their conversation, Warren remembers leaving an incriminating voicemail for Joel, but will he get to Joel in time?

Fergus is determined to find out what is on the voicemail to get leverage, even if it means dragging Trish into his schemes.

Meanwhile, Damon struggles to celebrate his birthday after recent shocking events. He gives Liberty an ultimatum.

Elsewhere, Mercedes can’t bring herself to tell Bobby the truth about Sylver wanting to end their marriage. Later, Fergus breaks the news that Sylver’s loan has increased by five times. To make things right, Mercedes offers Fergus a big proposition.

Also, Tom is struggling with Cher doing nothing while staying at the Cunningham’s.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Drunk, dishevelled and homeless, Marvin Bulis turns up at the surgery, demanding to see Emma, who is strangely pleased to see him too.

It turns out Marvin witnessed Jeffries fall in the warehouse and Emma is desperate to get him to make a statement to the police about that night, so as to help Rob, but knows Marvin will get antsy if the police are mentioned.

Val is enlisted to keep Marvin at the surgery while Emma chases up Inspector Okoro, whatever the cost…

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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