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Spice up your night with Channel 4


Spice up your night with Channel 4

Best on the Box highlight for September 28th…

Girl Power is revisited this evening on Channel 4.

As the 21st century begins, the Spice Girls have gone solo. Where once they had strength in numbers, now they are learning how tough it can be doing it alone.

As they grow older, they’re not just navigating their careers, but raising families. And if you’re a woman, that comes with added scrutiny as society often judges you for your parenting, and defines you by your relationships. Mel B moves to LA as a single mum.

Victoria juggles work and family life, as media interest in brand Beckham grows ever more intense. After years apart, the Spice Girls come together for two spectacular reunions. Their final tour happens without Victoria and against the backdrop of #MeToo.

With their fanbase all grown up by now, the episode concludes by exploring the group’s lasting legacy.

Spice Girls, how girl power changed Britain, Channel 4, 9.30 pm

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