MTV to air ‘Teen Mom UK’ specials starting with ‘My Birth Story’

Teen Mom UK: My Birth Story airs this evening on MTV.

MTV has commissioned three specials from the Teen Mom franchise, Teen Mom UK: My Mum and MeTeem Mom UK: Mums Move In, andTeen Mom UK: My Birth Story. While Teen Mom UK stars have shared the ins and outs of their lives, relationships and so much more on-screen, these new limited series dig deeper. The specials begin airing on September 29th on MTV channels around the world and show Teen Mom stars reflecting on the moments that changed their lives forever and their relationships along the way.  

Teen Mom UK: My Birth Story, which will air on MTV tonight (September 29th) features two 44-minute special episodes that focus on the stories of Chloe, Amber, Mia, and Sassi as they look back on the special times they first became Teen Moms. The special shows honest reflections of their birth stories, raw, never-before-seen footage and brand-new interviews with the girls. 

 In the next instalment, Teem Mom UK: Mums Move In is a four-episode series airing next month and features Teen Mom OG‘s Chloe, Mia, Amber and Sassi moving in with extraordinary families whose lives and parenting styles are completely different from their own. From living with a circus family to meeting Britain’s oldest mother of quadruplets, foraging kids to homeschooled kids, hippy parents to surrogate parents, this series is full of surprises.

This thought-provoking new series gives viewers insight into the full spectrum of parenting styles, as the Teen Mom OGs learn that there is no right or wrong way to parent, offering parenting lessons and techniques for viewers to add to their own parenting handbooks. 

Finally, Teen Mom UK: My Mum and Me, launching this December, features three extra-special 44-minute episodes, offering viewers an intimate look at the support TeenMom UK’s Sassi, Amber, and Chloe received from their own mothers. Each episode is packed with heart-warming interviews and bombshell moments, showing viewers what the girls’ relationships with their moms are like today. 

Teen Mom UK: My Mum and Me, Teem Mom UK: Mums Move In, and TeenMom UK: My Birth Story are produced by True North for MTV UK and commissioned by Craig Orr and Executive Producer Jaime Brannan.

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