Kelly discovers the truth about Mickey in Pobol y Cwm

The latest from Cwmderi and Glanrafon.

Anita has no choice but to tell Kelly the truth about Mickey. Meanwhile, Wilko loses patience with Ffion as she continues to force herself into his life.

Mathew has a lot of explaining to do when Colin notices Vicky wearing one of Izzy’s necklaces. Over in Bryntirion, a helpless Anita turns to Jason to come up with a plan to get Mickey out of Kelly’s life.

Jason heads to Merthyr to confront Mickey for what he did to Amanda, but he’s not the only who pays Mickey a visit. In the meantime, Ffion sees a glimmer of hope for a future with Wilko as he opens up about his past.

The pain of seeing DJ around the place is too much for Sioned, which forces her to make a big decision. Gaynor also has a decision to make as the school’s governing board advises her to retire.

Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8 pm
English and Welsh subtitles, Omnibus on Sunday with on-screen English subtitles

Both Carwyn and Gwenno are concerned that Iestyn has decided to search for his biological father – but for different reasons. Arthur is searching for a way to let Iris know that he knows of her small fortune in the bank – without having to admit that he has been nosey!

Tonight is the night that Caitlin and Mali plan on protesting against the chicken factory. They have planned everything precisely…surely nothing can go wrong?

Mel is out for the night, but what will she see on her way home?

Rownd a Rownd, S4C, Tuesday and Thursday 8.25 pm
English and Welsh subtitles

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