Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 12th October

Your Pick of the Plots for Tuesday, October 12.

Jean gets Tommy to open up – he wants to know where Michael is buried. Kat realises why her son has been acting up since the fire and storms out looking for Janine.

Meanwhile, Scarlett’s school project is ruined by Bert and Ernie so she asks her mum if her friends, who are deaf, will give a talk at school instead. Janine asks for Frankie’s help again and later gives a presentation to Scarlett’s class.

At the Vic, Scarlett’s in awe over the party Frankie has set up with Janine’s ‘friends’ but things turn sour quickly when Kat arrives.

Elsewhere, Kim mulls things over with Denise and Jack. Phil shows Denise something that he hopes will put the matter to bed.

Also, Whitney notices a pregnancy test in Chelsea’s bag and hides her shock.

EastEnders, BBC One, 7.30pm (8pm BBC Scotland)

Bernice is shocked to learn of Diane’s plan to move to Portugal.

Meanwhile, Victoria is trapped in David’s bedroom but Meena spots her. Meena starts unbuttoning her blouse for David and Victoria is forced to reveal herself. Fuming David tells her not to come back until she’s sorted herself out.

Elsewhere, Rodney hears the news.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Cher and Juliet use what Timmy left behind to their advantage. Liberty points out it was bought at the Emporium and CCTV soon confirms the buyer as Timmy.

Peri bumps into a flustered Timmy, who makes up a lie about a break-up and claims that he’s now homeless. Sympathising, Peri agrees to let him stay at her house for the night, but she soon finds herself in serious danger.

Meanwhile, having jeopardised Olivia’s job, Goldie tricks Prince into believing that it wasn’t a done deal in the first place.

Elsewhere, Sienna’s eyewitness reveals themselves as Donna-Marie. Donna Marie trades in lunch for the witness statement, but who will she say was driving the car?

Also, Fergus offers Tony the job of managing the pub.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Bear psyches himself up for speaking to his mum but before he gets the chance, she reveals she’s moving to France. Bear is further taken aback when Makeda reveals that she is going out with Clive.

Later, as Clive picks up Makeda, she experiences some abdominal pain but covers it up.

Meanwhile, Valerie finds out Al is blanking Starbuck out of fear of who she might really be. Valerie vows to help him find out the truth.

Valerie manages to track down a picture of Casey Matthews, a beautiful woman. Al is delighted and rubs Jimmi’s nose in it as he gets straight back on to messaging Starbuck.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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