F*ck Insulate Britain sweatshirt and T-shirt on sale to combat ‘disgusting’ protesters

The group of ‘middle-class hippies’ had been causing motorway mayhem for working-class heroes – from Ambulance drivers to truckers – for the past few weeks, becoming a national annoyance to the UK public.

Now clothing designs from Tom Cridland and his Band have told Insulate Britain they can ‘do one’. A spokesperson for the brand said that they are ‘passionate about anything that we can do to combat the acceleration of climate change but we have been so disgusted by Insulate Britain’s actions over the past few weeks that we have just released a F*ck Insulate Britain sweatshirt and T-shirt because we feel they are doing damage to the reputation of eco-activists.’

The protest group, have annoyed the British public with protests across several major Southern routes in recent weeks, claiming their actions are to “save the human race”, yet all they seem to have done is make the public believe the protesters have nothing but utter disdain for humanity and human lives in their actions. Their blocking of the M25 in September reportedly caused a woman to be paralysed, following a stroke. On another occasion earlier this month they had to be physically removed from the streets of London, where they were blocking a sick elderly lady from getting the medical attention that she desperately needed.

“Are they sorry for their actions? Far from it. In fact, Insulate Britain mastermind, Roger Hallam, has said he would have refused to move for a crying woman trying to get her mother to hospital. Supposedly the reason they believe they can directly cause people to die or be permanently paralysed is because they think insulating your home is a matter of life and death… but Liam Norton, their leader, hasn’t even bothered to Insulate his own home! When this got revealed on Good Morning Britain, he stormed off the set.”

“If he can’t afford it, why doesn’t he borrow money to pay for it? If home insulation really is the deciding factor in terms of the potential immediate end of the human race, surely getting into debt will be well worth it? According to Insulate Britain it seems it is ok if people are killed so they can protest but it’s not ok for Liam to borrow the money needed to insulate his own home?”-  TomCridland spokesperson

Well they’re no longer going to sit and listen to Liam and Insulate Britain compare people to Nazis, no instead you can join their disdain at the group and pull on an eco-friendly bit of fashion. Here and here.

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