Telly Today: From doctors to vets

Telly Today highlights for October 19th…

The Good Doctor

Its’ the fifth series launch tonight and get ready to have your heartstrings pulled again as we join Dr Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), for the first episode in the latest run of the much-loved medical drama.

The underdog story of an extraordinary surgeon facing the challenges that come from not just autism but the preconceptions that come with it, we left the last season on a high note as it seemed wedding bells were in the air for Shaun and his partner Lea.

Might we be seeing the pair tie the knot?

The Good Doctor: New Beginnings, Sky Witness, 9 pm

Ashley Banjo: Britain in Black and White

In the summer of 2020 Ashley Banjo was thrust into the centre of the Black Lives Matter debate. The pro-equality routine performed by his group on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent last year, one of the most complained-about moments in OFCOM’s history, suddenly cast Ashley and his fellow dancers into the political spotlight, and at the centre of a vicious twitter pile on. The lines between entertainment, politics and history blurred.

A year on from that moment and has won a BAFTA as a recognition of the importance of it, Ashley is going on a journey into his own past and into British History to explore the roots of the reaction to his performance.

Ashley Banjo: Britain in Black and White, ITV (STV & UTV), 9 pm

Murder Island

A mysterious dinghy washes up on the beach as the teams are informed the island is a known drug smuggling route. Could this be another motive for murder? Does it explain the appearance of the threatening Freddie Forrester?

As the rookie detectives try to get their heads around the case, new evidence drops in the form of criminal records. How much does a guilty past mean a guilty present? The teams rush to prepare their case as one team will be removed from the island by the end of the day. They must present not only to former Detective Chief Super-intendant Parm but also to the Prosecutor – Claire Mitchell QC, who comes with over 25 years of criminal justice experience and wants to see evidence not just hear theories.

Later, one of the remaining teams makes a breakthrough. Following up on the criminal records they discover a stash of drugs and make an arrest. As the suspect waits to be interviewed, the team need a strategy to get the information they need to solve the murder and claim the £50,000 reward.

Murder Island, Channel 4, 9.15 pm

Our Yorkshire Farm

From their remote hill farm in the Yorkshire Dales, Amanda, Clive and their nine children bring a breath of fresh air to homes across the country.

Through the changing seasons, the family roll with everything from the pandemic to home improvement projects and, of course, the weather. The children are off school for the Easter holidays. Lambing time has just begun and though it’s always the family’s busiest season, this year Amanda and Clive are nervously expecting a bumper crop of twins, with over 300 pairs on the way.

Every springtime, the family battles to keep track of their free-roaming pregnant flock, and with a record number of twin lambs on the way, it’s even more important no mother-to-be slips the net. Just like the shepherds of old, the family uses traditional stone walls to guard its flock from the perils of the moor. While Amanda and the children repair a gap in the wall, Sid and his sisters get distracted and go on a hunt for rock crystals.

A few days later, there’s sad news when 11-year-old sheepdog Kate has her chance at motherhood cruelly cut short. Though the loss of the puppy is tragic, it’s not long before Kate’s expert skills are dearly needed when a group of ewes, many heavily pregnant with twins, are missing and feared miles from home.

Our Yorkshire Farm, Channel 5, 9 pm

Frida Kahlo

We end the evening with a bit of culture. Who was Frida Kahlo? Everyone knows her, but who was the woman behind the bright colours, the big brows, and the floral crowns?

Take a journey through the life of a true icon, discover her art, and uncover the truth behind her often turbulent life. Using letters Kahlo wrote to guide us, this definitive film reveals her deepest
emotions and unlocks the secrets and symbolism contained within her art.

This personal and intimate film offers privileged access to her works, and highlights the source of her feverish creativity, her resilience, and her unmatched lust for life, politics, men and women. Delving deeper than any film has done before, engaging with world-renowned Kahlo experts, exploring how great an artist she was, discovering the real Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo: Exhibition on Screen, Sky Arts, 10 pm

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