This week in Doctors and Holby City

This week in the BBC medical sagas…

Casualty tonight is taking a break for the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance 2021.

Doctors, this week starts with Luca teasing Al about his friendship with Keith, suspecting Keith likes Al in a more than platonic way, and Al asks Keith for a drink to try and dispel Luca’s theory. When he replies very quickly, Al panics, but Emma urges him to meet up with Keith face to face and be honest for once. Al manages to help Keith realise he needs to go for men who might like him back rather than self-sabotaging by going for men like him, who are straight.

Bear has spent the night at the hospital and is rudely awoken by Wojtek, a security guard. Dr Deng calls for Bear to come and see how Makeda is getting on this morning. Dr Deng is keen to try again to get Makeda out of sedation but Bear worries. He calls Sid who tries hard to cheer him up. Sid has his own worries as Eileen has called him to talk about Laurence, who Sid hasn’t seen for a while. Eileen is ruthless and tells Sid that he’s cancelled on Laurence too many times now and she doesn’t want him seeing him anymore. Sid is stunned and begs Eileen for another chance.

Rob is seeing Charita, his counsellor, and is keen to get back to work so plays up the positive things he’s been doing to try and feel better. Awkward when talking about his relationship, Rob confesses things in the bedroom haven’t been working and Charita suggests a change in meds but Rob is keen not to rock the boat in terms of his progress and wants to stick with them.

And as the week comes to its conclusion for The Mill Medical Centre Karen confides in her friend Maggie that her marriage with Rob is missing its spark. Maggie suggests making him jealous. Makeda is awake, reading aloud from Bear’s diary that he compiled at her bedside. She wants to know how long it will be until she can go home but Dr Deng arrives to say Makeda will face a partial colectomy before she can leave. Makeda is reluctant to have the operation but Bear wants her to do it as soon as possible.

Doctors, BBC One, Monday to Thursday 1.45 pm

Holby City, on Tuesday, sees Lucky readmitted to Holby, and Louis learns the truth about her suicidal thoughts. Can he give her the courage to give this new life a go? Anxious Jac falters just as she’s about to start the Proton Beam Therapy. Can Eli convince Jac she has the strength to go ahead with the treatment?

Also this week Josh busies himself with work in a bid to avoid Ange, but eventually, Eli pushes him to tell Ange about his bulimia. How will Ange cope when she learns the truth?

Holby City, BBC One, Tuesday 7.50 pm. (8.20 pm on BBC One Scotland)

Makeda, Doctors this week at 1.45pm on BBC One.
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