Danny Miller’s fiancee Steph Jones talks his I’m a Celeb adventure

Steph Jones joined Lorraine Kelly earlier today for a chat…

Steph, the fiancee of former Emmerdale regular and 2021 I’m A Celebrity campmate Danny Miller joined Lorraine on her ITV sofa with their four-week-old son Albert to lift the lid on his decision to go into the castle.

“We’ve just spent two weeks in isolation together ahead of the show and I think we feel quite privileged he got asked to be a part of the show because it meant we spent so much quality time together before he went in,

“It was a really difficult decision for him to decide whether to do it being so close to the birth, but actually, when we sat down and discussed it as a family, it’s such a massive opportunity – the biggest show on the telly. He’s always wanted to do it, it’s his favourite show to watch.”

Lorraine asked if Albert will be watching it back in years to come, to which Steph replied, “I hope he’s going to be a bit braver than his dad”.

On Danny being scared in the helicopter going into camp, she explained, “He doesn’t like rollercoasters though. We go to a theme park with our nieces and nephews, I go on the ride and he watches.” On tonight’s trial, Steph said:

“This was the trial he was dreading the most because he has got a very, very bad gag reflex. He gagged over Albert’s nappy in isolation. He did one particularly bad one and he was gagging – he had to run out of the room.”

“We went on holiday to Lanzarote and he decided he was going to try and test himself – he ordered some battered squid. One bite, he was retching.”

On why he decided to do the show despite being a new father:

“This is the biggest opportunity of his career – he’s been in Emmerdale for 13 years and he wanted to open the door maybe to a different career path. It means he has longer time off with Albert next year rather than working Monday to Friday 7 until 7. I got the better half of the deal!”

Of his time in the camp, Steph reckons he won’t get bored as “he’s quite good at making entertainment” and will keep people going. She also revealed that “he’s in awe of David Ginola. He’ll have so many questions. He’s a massive football fan.”

She also revealed that she thinks the tears will flow when he gets the famous letter from home in the camp: “He wears his heart on his sleeve too – he’s not afraid to show emotion. You’ll definitely see some tears. He’s a big softie. He’s lovely.”

To watch the show in full, visit itv.com/hub Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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