Emmerdale murder plot draws complaints

Last Thursday’s (25 November) oar-slaughtering proved too much for some viewers who expressed their grievances to Ofcom…

The regulator has received 74 complaints from viewers about Meena Jutla’s (Paige Sandhu) brutal killing of Ben Tucker (Simon Lennon) in Emmerdale.

Meena claimed her fourth victim in a pre-watershed hour-long instalment last week when she savagely beat Ben (Simon Lennon) with an oar at the HOP.

While searching for something that could exonerate him over the survival challenge disaster, Ben came across damning footage of Meena trying to drown Victoria Sugden.

Realising Ben was hot on her trail, Meena turned up at the HOP to retrieve the evidence where she found herself in a stand-off with Ben.

It looked like Ben had made good his escape with the camera when Meena fell foul of some spilt alcohol. However, after leaving the camera in the car, Ben made a fatal mistake when he returned to check on Meena – she had gone and Ben’s uncertainty of her location now gave her the upper hand.

As Ben returned to the car, Meena attacked him with an oar before chillingly watching back the footage that had almost been her undoing.

Meena then decided to silence Ben for good, further utilising the rowing implement to do so.

Emmerdale fans have blasted the ineptitude of the police throughout Meena’s storyline with one disgruntled viewer noting that: “The Police in #Emmerdale are a joke. 3 deaths zero Fs given.”

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