‘Betty White Hair’ searches explode by 2840%

One of the more stranger things to have happened since the passing of the beloved star on New Year’s Eve.

Analysis of Google searches data reveals that online searches for ‘Betty White Hair‘ in the UK had risen to above 2840% of the average on the 31st of December. New findings by hair transplant experts Longevita, has revealed that the online interest in ‘Betty White Hair’ has exploded within a few hours of the announcement of her passing.

The Golden Girls regular’s death was announced in the morning of Friday 31st December at the age of 99 years old, just short of her 100th birthday. Betty Whites’ triumphant career started in the late 1930’s on a radio show and then made her first TV debut in 1939 where the nation fell in love with her.

Research has also shown that online interest in ‘white hair colour’ has also risen by 4201% in the UK on 31st of December.

A spokesperson for Longevita:

“From the first TV debut Betty White had the nation in the palm of her hand. Her career has spanned over eight glorious decades where she made people laugh, cry, and fall in love with her and her work. Betty White’s career has not in doubt inspired other work and other stars to have a career in the movie industry.”

“Towards the end of Betty White’s career her white hair was definitely one of her signatures as an actress, so people still getting inspired by her even passing on is unbelievable.”

ATV Today Lifestyle has no words for this rather strange hair situation, but maybe it’s one Betty White would have found amusing…

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