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TV Highlights: From the ruin of a Norman church to a floor-to-ceiling wine cellar


TV Highlights: From the ruin of a Norman church to a floor-to-ceiling wine cellar

Telly Today highlights for January 5th…

Dig Deep…

The new HS2 railway has kept archaeologists busy for several years, but few sites have been as puzzling as the ruin of a Norman church just outside Stoke Mandeville. Known to date from 1080, the foundations and over 300 skeletons had to be carefully removed, revealing some astonishing discoveries underneath.

This episode features exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the excavation as three incredible life-size Roman busts, eight burial urns and an exquisite glass vessel are recovered from a ditch on the site. Alongside them is a perplexing skeleton, minus its head but buried with coins, which when restored could reveal when all these items were violently tossed into the ditch and covered over.

On Salisbury Plain, a mysterious set of post holes also has experts scratching their heads. If these were 3,000 year-old Neolithic houses, how were these bronze-age buildings built and what were the walls made of?

Stuart Prior visits Butser Farm, where experiments are underway to test various theories about how these important dwellings were made

Digging for Britain, BBC Two, 8 pm

The Final Reminder…

The four-part harrowing drama concludes this evening.

On 15 April 1989. Anne (Maxine Peake) said goodbye to her son Kevin (Campbell Wallace) as he went to Hillsborough to watch a football match. She never saw him alive again. Based on the real-life tragedy that shocked the UK 33 years ago, and left Mersyside heartbroken.

In tonight’s last part of the story we are now two decades on from the events at the football stadium.

After the 20th anniversary memorial service, Anne urges MP Andy Burnham (Matthew McNulty) to fight for their cause. He has already petitioned the government to release all documents pertaining to Hillsborough ahead of time, and when this is granted, a new independent panel is created to look again at all the evidence.

After a two year wait, the panel delivers its report. Meanwhile, Anne’s health is failing. Will the families finally get the truth, and will Anne live long enough to see justice?

Anne, ITV, 9 pm

Costly Pads…

In this episode of Britain’s Most Expensive Houses broker Lee is on The Bishops Avenue in north London, commonly known as Billionaire’s Row, as managing director of UK Sotheby’s Realty, Guy Bradshaw, is keen to capitalise on this buoyant market.

Guy’s asked the team for help to sell one of Lee’s exclusive listings – the £17.5 million Huxley House. In a booming market, and with a client demanding the best, Lee must find a buyer fast or risk losing the listing. Guy also has his own exclusive listing to sell in south London – the £10.25 million Langdale House; the ultimate luxury family home with six bedrooms, an entertainment suite, a gym and a floor-to-ceiling wine cellar.

In Mayfair, broker Polina kicks off a property search for crocodile shoe-making fashionista Karl Chu, who’s looking for a three-bed bachelor pad with plenty of space for shoes, but it must have the everyday essential… a cigar terrace!

Britain’s Most Expensive Houses, Channel 4, 9 pm


Making his Sky Witness debut, Dr Jason Bull is back for the long-awaited UK premiere of the acclaimed legal drama’s fifth series.

Brilliant, brash, and charming, Dr. Bull is the ultimate puppet master as he combines psychology, human intuition, and high-tech data to learn what makes jurors, attorneys, witnesses, and the
accused tick. As this season kicks off, Bull and the Trial Analysis Corporation team struggle to adjust to a virtual court system as they weather the New York City coronavirus shutdown.

My Corona: Bull, Sky Witness, 9pm

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