Who works the hardest in Parliament?

More partying that work it seems…

With the recent revelations that staff inside Downing Street held two staff parties with alcohol and loud music the night before Prince Philip’s funeral last April and while social contact remained banned health and wellness store Eden’s Gate wanted to ascertain the hardest working Prime Ministers of all time.

Is it a case of work hard, party hard?

Using Hansard, they looked into how many spoken parliamentary contributions each PM has made, as well as how many weeks they held office, and ranked them to reveal the hardest working Prime Minister of the 20th and 21st century.

It may be a surprise to learn that according to the stats Boris Johnson is the hardest working prime minister, making an average of 12.8 contributions in parliament per week, although how many are truthful or not there is no data held there… James Callaghan and Theresa May come second and third, with an average of 11.3 and 6 contributions per week respectively.

The Labour party is the hardest working party overall, with average weekly contributions per PM of 4.8 compared to the Conservative party’s 4. Tony Blair only made one contribution per week on average, making him the least hard-working Prime Minister of the past decade. 

Tyler Woodward, CEO of Health and Wellness store Eden’s Gate:

“It comes as no surprise to me that Boris Johnson has been named hardest working PM in terms of parliamentary contributions. After all, he has been in office throughout Brexit and a worldwide health crisis! I’d suggest he makes sure to make time for himself and ensure he’s sleeping and eating well to avoid burnout.”

Past Prime Ministers Spoken parliamentary contributions Weeks in office Av. Contributions per week
Boris Johnson 1,405 109 12.8
James Callaghan 1,821 161 11.3
Theresa May 960 158 6
Gordon Brown 853 150 5.7
Harold Wilson 2,326 405 5.7
Sir Edward Heath 1,067 193 5.5
Harold Macmillan 1,293 353 3.6
Sir Anthony Eden 328 92 3.6
David Cameron 684 322 2.1
Sir John Major KG CH 668 335 2
Baroness Margaret Thatcher 1,019 603 1.7
Sir Winston Churchill 696 451 1.5
Neville Chamberlain 179 159 1.1
Tony Blair 510 530 1
Stanley Baldwin 198 377 0.5
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman 35 122 0.3
Clement Attlee 0 326 0
James Ramsay MacDonald 1 354 0
Andrew Bonar Law 0 0
David Lloyd George 0 0
Herbert Henry Asquith 0 0
Arthur James Balfour 0 0
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil 0 0

Methodology: Eden’s Gate used Hansard to find the number of spoken parliamentary contributions each prime minister made whilst in office. They then divided this by how many weeks each prime minister spent in office to get the average number of contributions each PM made per week. They then ranked these in order to find the most and least hard working prime ministers of the 20th and 21st century. 

About Eden’s Gate: Eden’s Gate is a premium CBD oil, health and wellness store in the UK. Eden’s Gate is committed to improving the lives of their users and their families.

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