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TV Highlights: From a French scenic river journey to an oriental delight on the Isle of Wight


TV Highlights: From a French scenic river journey to an oriental delight on the Isle of Wight

Telly Today picks for Friday, January 4th…

Bill Nighy narrates a series of magical journeys down some of the world’s most scenic rivers.

This week, it’s an escape on a magical voyage through the green heart of southwest France. Channel 5 cameras travel by traditional boats down a once-vital waterway and then take a hot air balloon high over fairytale castles, which hide a turbulent past, but now form a tranquil playground.

Guided by those who live, work and play in the handsome towns of the Dordogne, the show goes hunting for truffles on its banks and drink the wine it produces, as viewers can experience the culinary delights of the river.

Also, there’s a trip aboard a luxury cruiser to a lighthouse built for a king.

World’s Most Scenic River Journeys, Channel 5, 7 pm

George Clarke explores more inspirational and ingenious amazing spaces, from some of the most imaginative small-space pioneers.

In this episode, a dad embarks on an incredible adventure as he converts a freefall lifeboat into a yellow submarine camping pod in honour of his late father. In a series first, three daughters and a mum create a straw bale house oozing with rustic charm.

George continues his world tour of the UK as he experiences an oriental delight on the Isle of Wight. And together with master craftsman Will Hardie, he makes an ingenious hidden rock pool for their magical secret garden home.

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, Channel 4, 8 pm

In the fifth episode of series three, Benjamin’s plan to bring down the de Clemonts is set into motion when a captive witch, Lena, escapes him.

Matthew and Diana return to Sept-Tours in order to hold a christening for the twins, but the festivities are brought to an abrupt halt when Baldwin arrives and requests the children be taken to Venice.

A Discovery of Witches, Sky Max, 9 pm

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