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TV Highlights: From an inspirational kayaker to an intrusion in Neighbours


TV Highlights: From an inspirational kayaker to an intrusion in Neighbours

Telly Today choices for February 8th…

Over in Ramsay Street

Freya is shaken by Roxy’s intrusion into her privacy and pushes Levi away. Fed up with Zara’s insolence, Jane comes down on her hard. Amy feels lonely and hard done by until an unexpected gift brightens her world and puts her business back on track.

Tomorrow sees Zara chuffed to learn that Aubrey and Sadie pulled the prank on Jane to get revenge — until she gets the blame for it. Triumphant Paul convinces Terese to invite the family over to celebrate their reconciliation, but David remains suspicious.

Neighbours, Channel 5, 6 pm

Over the Border…

Sean Fletcher continues his exploration of the dramatic and changing scenery along the celebrated Offa’s Dyke Path on the Wales-England border.

On the fifth leg of his journey, Sean meets an inspirational kayaker on the historic Montgomery canal, climbs the sheer limestone cliffs above a border village and joins the volunteers restoring a Victorian railway.

Wonders of the Border, ITV, 7.30 pm

By George…

The award-winning documentary series follows patients treated at St George’s in south London. Bipin is in A&E suffering from a stroke.

The 75-year-old is rushed to A&E after his wife found him struggling to talk. As stroke doctors find a blood clot on his brain and urgently treat him with medication, his daughter Rina reflects on the unconventional beginnings of her father’s relationship with her mother.

Myra, who’s 80, crashed her bicycle into a wall and banged her head on her way home from playing tennis. Emergency nurse practitioner Louise has been nursing for nearly 40 years and shares how the tough times she’s experienced in her life enabled her to have more empathy with her patients. She talks about the tragic miscarriage she suffered in her youth and how the love and support of her husband helped her through.

24 Hours in A&E, Channel 4, 9 pm

Face the Music

Old money collides with the nouveau riche as this nineteenth-century tale of a young woman attempting to find her way in a world on the brink of the modern age continues.

The Gilded Age, Sky Atlantic, 9 pm

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