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Back in the nighttime A&E with Channel 5


Back in the nighttime A&E with Channel 5

Best on the Box choice for Friday, February 25th…

The night staff at Hull Royal Infirmary battle to save the life of a patient in cardiac arrest. In full PPE, the team perform CPR, but a ground-breaking device called the Lucas machine performs chest compressions, freeing up a member of the team to perform other life-saving duties.

Dr Chris and Nurse Vicky treat a 69-yearold fisherman brought into Resus by HM Coastguard helicopter after an accident out at sea. With a winch cable wrapped tightly around his shoulder, Fred was dragged into the ocean off his fishing boat.

After half an hour in the freezing sea, the team have their work cut out to save his life. Neurosurgeon Stuart has been called to A&E to check a bleed on the brain on CT scans of a man who was hit by a lorry when trying to cross the road. Will he need emergency surgery to save his life? A 58-year-old patient arrives in A&E via ambulance after falling and banging her head at a party. While being examined, her pain rapidly escalates.

A brace and trauma board are urgently put in place while Dr Jehad orders a CT scan to check for any life-changing spinal injuries.

A&E After Dark, Channel 5, 9 pm

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