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Holby City: Time to say Goodbye | Doctors: Bear is left smiling

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Holby City: Time to say Goodbye | Doctors: Bear is left smiling

It’s the end of an era as we visit Holby City for the final time.

It’s the last episode of the series, and episode fifty of this run is also the last-ever episode.

This week as the reverberations of Jac’s surgery impact around Darwin and beyond, will life on Wyvern Wing ever be the same again? Also, a wounded Dom feels more left out than ever after learning Josh and Ange have closed him out of their family crises. Can they put their differences aside as time runs out for a favourite patient?

Finally, Donna and Hanssen rally around Lexy after bad news, but she’s determined to seize the day. Perhaps Hanssen could learn a thing or two from her example?

Former cast returning for a farewell appearance include Chizzy Akudolu as Mo Effanga, Hugh Quarshie as Ric Griffin, Luke Roberts as Joseph Byrne, Ules Robertson as Jason Haynes, Catherine Russell as Serena Campbell and Jemma Redgrave as Bernie Wolfe.

The hospital goes on, and the series ends – without giving too much away – with a tribute to the NHS, and a special version of the closing theme, with a backdrop of memories…

Holby City: The Last Episode, BBC One, Tuesday 29th March, 7.50 pm.

Monday: Jimmi seems a little concerned that Rosie perhaps might be the loose cannon Princess warned him about but didn’t quite expect that his reassurances to Rosie that Jimmi will be the safe hands that Sutton Vale needs would lead to her making a major decision.

Valerie has bought Emma a present that can answer all her questions, play music, be something she can take her anger out on. A very expensive present that Emma neither asked for nor wants as Zara had one at home and they ended up destroying it! Valerie takes it upon herself to turn our all of Emma’s kitchen cupboards and moves from one annoyance to the other with the support of her new present to Emma.

Tuesday: Bear brags to Princess that he’s got tickets for a sold out gig. As news of Hazeem’s new job spreads round The Mill, Daniel is concerned they’re going to be short staffed, Bear bluffs that he has it all in hand. Bear offers Princess a gig ticket and she winds him up before accepting. At the gig they bond over music with Princess showing a deep knowledge. They chat about their families before Princess pulls back, not wanting to reveal too much.

After the gig Bear tries to tempt Princess to go for another drink but she makes her excuses, claiming she would’ve got more sleep the night before had she known she’d been going on a date. Bear is left smiling at the idea that they’ve actually been on a date.

Wednesday: Karen’s at Sutton Vale, Rosie is showing her around. Nurse Maeve Ludlow arrives for her first day since The Mill took over. She’s stressed having been caring for her ill mother. Jimmi introduces himself to Maeve who’s distracted with calls from and about her mum, Gillian Ludlow. Gillian is rude to Maeve, making her more stressed. Jimmi needs some data from Maeve, who bites his head off. Maeve gets the info for Jimmi who asks about her mum and offers to see her. Maeve refuses but realises she’s been off with him and apologises, admitting she might quit to look after her mum.

Thursday: Princess realises she has made a huge mistake when she doesn’t read a patient’s notes thoroughly enough and prescribes antibiotics that the patient is actually allergic too. Also An elderly father lost in the world of dementia makes a disastrously wrong step when he wanders off from his grown up daughter and carer.

Doctors, BBC One, Monday to Thursday, 1.45 pm. Repeated on BBC Two at 7 pm.

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