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Neighbours: Harlow arrives in London | Home and Away: Alf reflects

Pick of the Plots

Neighbours: Harlow arrives in London | Home and Away: Alf reflects

This week in Erinsborough and Summer Bay…

Monday: Shocked by Montana’s indecent proposal, Leo wants to think about her offer, and confides in Glen. When Leo later returns to Montana with an answer, Glen comes clean to Terese and Chloe. Terese refuses to let Leo go through with it, just as she finds out they won the tender…

Harlow arrives in London, continuing to ignore Ned’s calls. A brief flirtation with a charismatic stranger puts her in a good mood and her day gets better when she meets up with her Aunt Harriet. However, their fun hits a snag when Harriet realizes she’s lost Prue’s diary and Harlow’s devastated. Ned tries to play happy couples with Amy but he’s increasingly distracted by Harlow’s silence. Amy worries his mood is because he feels pressure to have kids. Is he going to let his fling with Harlow ruin a sure thing with Amy?

Tuesday: Roxy’s pregnancy positivity worries Kyle. She’s invited half of Ramsay Steet to her pregnancy test even though it could be negative. When he tells everyone not to come, she’s furious… and begins to worry she’s not pregnant. With bated breath, they take the test…

Wanting thoughts of Ned out of her mind, Harlow grabs a drink with Corey. She’s finally enjoying her holiday… until she discovers Harriet stole her mother’s diary. Why would her aunt lie to her, and will she be able to get it back? Ned steels himself to have a difficult conversation with Amy, but he’s surprised to realise Harlow only told Amy half the story. How long can Ned keep his dirty little secret from his new girlfriend?

Wednesday: Harlow’s torn over Corey’s suggestion she burn her mother’s diary. It’s her last connection to Prue, but she wants to be free of The Order, so she ultimately burns the diary. After making amends with her Aunt, she offers to shout Corey a thank-you dinner. When he lets Harlow know he’s into her, Harlow reluctantly turns him down as Ned still plays in the back of her mind. She suggests they stay as friends, but is this spark too bright to put out?

Kyle and Roxy struggle to absorb the devastating news their only chance at a biological child together has been destroyed. Terese is on the front foot, determined the couple get compensation for their tragic loss. However, Kyle only wants to make sure his wife is okay. As Roxy fields sympathetic phone calls from her family, she begins making moves herself and has some news for Kyle…

Chloe and Terese struggle to get their ideas for Fashion Week over the line with Montana. Astute Chloe is aware Leo seems to get a better reception with the fashion mogul and suggests they use him to make their life easier. Terese reluctantly makes the request, aware Montana offered Leo an ‘indecent proposal’ last week, but unaware Leo is now enjoying a secret tryst with Montana. Meanwhile, Paul arrives home and both Terese and Leo are surprised at his seemingly relaxed attitude. He claims he wants to be hands-off with Fashion Week, but Terese is sceptical, sure he’s up to something…

Thursday: When Paul wines and dines Montana Marcel, Leo and Terese worry about his motives. Terese suspects he’s out to undermine her, while Leo fears Paul’s interest in Montana might be romantic. They’re pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong – Paul’s interest in Montana is strictly business. It’s a relief to Terese, but little does she know he has a plan to lull her into a false sense of security. Meanwhile, Leo is starting to sense Montana is in control of their sultry side hustle, and it’s not the greatest feeling…

With Aaron being discharged from hospital, life is getting back to normal for David. Even a momentary panic where it seems Mick has heard Freya and David discussing their questionable actions can’t throw David off course. Those happy days Freya and David deserve are finally coming their way.

Glen is thrown into a tailspin when he finds out Leo has hired Ishani at the vineyard. While he freaks out over how he’ll work with his daughter every day, Chloe sparks up a fast friendship. With a spare room going at No. 24 and Ishani in need of a new place to call home, it seems like kismet. Mackenzie senses Chloe’s dazzling connection with Ishani could be romantic, but Chloe hadn’t even considered the possibility. Ishani’s decision to move in goes belly up the moment Nicolette learns the lady she’s been heartsick over is moving onto the street.

Friday: Nicolette is rattled by the prospect of Ishani moving in with Chloe, and Ishani considers backing out. Eventually, Chloe wins Ishani over with an honest insight into her history with Nicolette, while Jane helps Nicolette see this as a chance to redeem herself in Ishani’s eyes. It seems that everyone has made their peace with Ishani’s decision to move into No. 24 – but what none of the girls realise is that the person most rocked by it is Glen.

When Leo tries to back out of a rendezvous with Montana, he’s dismayed to find she won’t let him. Leo worries about what he’s gotten himself into and David advises him to shut it down. But Montana refuses, leaving Leo with no idea how to navigate this without upsetting a major Lassiters partner.

With Curtis by her side, Shannon overcomes her nerves and gets her hearing tested. But even after the test proves that she needs an aid, Shannon remains reluctant, admitting that the whole process makes her too aware of her age. Eventually, Curtis helps Shannon realise that a hearing aid will help her better connect with her granddaughter and it leads to a heartwarming breakthrough for her and Aubrey.

Now that Freya is free from stress, there’s nothing standing in the way for her and Levi. It’s clear these two are primed to get together. But when David goes to work, he finds a chilling anonymous note on his desk, simply declaring ‘I know what you did.’ Is the Gareth nightmare returning?

Neighbours, Monday to Friday, 1.45pm and 5.30pm

Back in town, Tane changes his tune on the closed family ranks. Perhaps now is the time to be supported, not to push people away. Tane surprises a floundering Felicity at the caravan park. Felicity thought they were keeping their distance. What’s changed? Tane admits he has missed Felicity. She is relieved. The couple take their steamy reunion back to the van. In the morning, they awake in each other’s arms. Felicity is glad to see he hasn’t run off overnight. A vulnerable Tane admits he’s feeling the weight of responsibility in holding the family together. Felicity assures him she has faith in him.

Ziggy & Dean are worried about Karen. Why is she cutting Brett off cold? The man only wanted to marry her. And Karen likes him. So, what’s the problem? With every probe, Karen becomes more hostile. Dean breaks into Karen’s phone to read Brett’s texts. Ziggy is appalled. Armed with a plan, Dean & Ziggy whisk Karen off to breakfast at Salt. Karen is confused, why the hurry? They could have eaten at home. John intercepts them on their way. As they talk, Brett, Karen’s younger lover, appears. Karen, infuriated that Brett has tracked her down, pretends to be with John. John is shocked when Karen plants an impassioned kiss on him.

Indignant on Mackenzie’s behalf, Dean goes to the motel and punches Logan in the face. Mackenzie is furious at Dean for interfering. Logan, determined to set the record straight, goes to see Mackenzie. Neve is reluctant to let Logan go, concerned for his safety. Mackenzie draws a line in the sand for Logan. She refuses to be the second option. Either Logan calls the army and informs them of Neve’s whereabouts, or their relationship is over. Logan wears this like a weight. Neve tries to lift him up, but he can’t see a way up.

Alf reflects on his preoccupation with Martha, feeling guilty for not looking out for Ryder. Alf faces a growing awareness that Theo is not to blame. A repentant Alf goes to see Theo to apologise, admitting that Theo was right, he was looking for someone to blame. Alf hopes they can put their past behind them. Justin & Theo are pleased this chapter is over.

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