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Andy Woodward drama for BBC Two


Andy Woodward drama for BBC Two

Floodlights, is a feature-length drama for BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

The production, which will air this spring, tells the impactful and important story of Andy Woodward, the former professional footballer whose brave revelations about the sexual abuse he suffered as a youth player sent shockwaves throughout the industry and across the globe.

The Last Kingdom and Shameless actor Gerard Kearns portrays Andy Woodward, with Jonas Armstrong (Hollington Drive, The Bay), Morven Christie (Lockwood & Co, The A Word), and Steve Edge (Benidorm, The Madame Blanc Mysteries) also starring.

Gerard Kearns:

“I am honoured to be playing Andrew Woodward and hope that we have done his story justice.”

In November 2016, Andy found the strength to go public about horrific sexual abuse by his youth coach, Barry Bennell. After doing so, hundreds more men, many also victims of Bennell, found the courage to speak up about their harrowing experiences of abuse, lifting the lid on a national scandal in the country’s most popular sport.

Floodlights has been written by screenwriter, Matt Greenhalgh and directed by Nick Rowland.

The factual drama depicts Andy’s life, from a boy with a passion for the game to a successful professional footballer who seemingly has the world at his feet, until, no longer able to ignore the haunting memories of the abuse he was subject to by his youth coach, his career is cut short. It examines the power and control held by Bennell, grooming young players and their families with the promise of making their dreams come true.

Andy Woodward:

“Since speaking out in 2016 I’ve wanted to continue to encourage people to talk without fear, to make a change. Floodlights tells my story, which no child should ever have to go through. I hope this film helps to stop abuse in football and in all areas of life.”

Floodlights is made with the full cooperation of Andy Woodward.

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