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Gordon Ramsay searches for the next generation ‘Food Star’


Gordon Ramsay searches for the next generation ‘Food Star’

Best on the Box choice for Thursday, March 31st.

Gordon Ramsay is a Michelin starred chef and CEO of a global business empire. Now, he’s on the hunt for the UK’s most exciting and innovative new food and drink business and looking for the next generation ‘Food Star’ to invest in.

“Gordon slips into Alan Sugars TV shoes, for a search for the next big thing, only this time it’s not just business, its got food thrown in. Master Chef lightly blended with The Apprentice? Well you can decide for yourselves.” – TV Critic Vivian Summers

Gordon’s always been at the cutting edge of his industry and has hand-picked 12 of the UK’s best up-and-coming food and drink entrepreneurs, to compete to earn his investment – a whopping £150,000 of his own cash. But to win Gordon’s support will take more than just a great idea – the contenders will need to prove they possess the raw ingredients required to succeed – determination, dedication, passion and talent.
Gordon will drive the contenders through a series of relentless challenges designed to test their character and showcase their business skills because, according to Gordon, an idea is only as good as the person who’s had it.

Tonight, the contenders head to Cornwall where they will be faced with a high pressure, high-adrenalin individual challenge. Gordon also wants to see how they work in a team using the finest local produce by running food shacks on a beach. Can they work together to produce high quality food whilst coping with hundreds of hungry tourists?

Finally, it’s the biggest test of all, as they come face-to face with Gordon. There’s nowhere to hide, as he grills the contenders on their performance this week. Only the ones who impress, will continue on this epic adventure and sadly one will be heading home.

Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars, BBC One, 9 pm

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