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TV Highlights: From Toby Carvery to weaver birds, aardvarks and termites


TV Highlights: From Toby Carvery to weaver birds, aardvarks and termites

Telly Today highlights for Sunday, April 10th…

Closing the files

It’s the last in the series of The Ipcress File the high-octane thriller starring Joe Cole as the iconic spy Harry Palmer, alongside Lucy Boynton, Tom Hollander and Ashley Thomas.

Tonight Harry Palmer is on the run but he cannot hide for long from the agents of Cathcart’s conspiracy.

Jean discovers the origin of Maddox’s conflicted feelings towards his country and Dalby learns that his beloved organization is to be axed. With attention diverted toward an imminent American Presidential visit, Harry fears for what is planted in his mind. As betrayal and deceit reveal themselves, and Dalby and Jean face mortal peril, Harry’s odyssey is to reach its bloody climax and the stability of the free world can only be saved by his integrity.

The Ipcress File, ITV/STV/UTV, 9 pm

Really wild show…

Three of the greatest builders of the animal world live in the African savannah: weaver birds, aardvarks and termites. But they do not live alone in their spectacular buildings above, on and below ground!

A lot of different roommates find themselves in their apartments. From small insects, reptiles and birds to large mammals. These different species do not only live together, they also benefit from sharing a roof.

Some protect the flatshare, others provide food or cleaning services not only for themselves but for the whole community.

Africa’s Wild Roommates, Sky Nature, 7 pm

Food for thought

Every year, Britain eats nearly 1.3 billion roast dinners. It’s our unofficial national dish, and we’re downright obsessive about the finer points of it. From how to make the perfect roasties to the exact size and dimensions of a Yorkshire pudding — there’s no meal more likely to unite, or divide, British families.

How Do They Really Do It? Britain’s Sunday Carvery reveals the secrets to the great British roast dinner by learning from the experts, including scientists, home cooks and chefs who have mastered the art of the Sunday lunch. We go behind the scenes at Toby Carvery, one of Britain’s largest restaurant chains, which serves millions of roast dinners across the country every Sunday.

They reveal their tips on how to get your spuds to turn out just right, and how to make gravy using techniques developed in a lab.

This episode also features a pub with what might just be Britain’s longest waiting list for a roast dinner — currently four years! We discover how the roast developed across the course of British history, and take a look at the 21st-century version of leftovers. We even find out whether the roast can survive the move to more plant-based eating. It’s an exploration of the roast dinner as never
seen before and one that provides you with all the info you need to rule the dinner table next Sunday!

How Do They Really Do It? Britain’s Sunday Carvery, Channel 5, 7 pm

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