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Crime drama The Cane Field Killings heads to Channel 4


Crime drama The Cane Field Killings heads to Channel 4

The Cane Field Killings, a brand-new, gritty crime-drama from award-winning writer-creator, Rohan Dickson.

This South African noir aired as Reyka in South Africa and is the first of its kind, delivering a fresh and unique perspective for audiences across the globe.

Led by a strong female protagonist played by Kim Engelbrecht, and a stand-out performance from lauded British actor Iain Glen, The Cane Field Killings boasts high production values, dramatic, visually stunning landscapes, and memorable characters.

Brilliant but broken criminal profiler, Reyka Gama (Kim Engelbrecht) returns to her beautiful hometown of KwaZulu-Natal to track down and bring to justice a rampant serial killer who has been violently murdering women, discarding their dead and burnt bodies in the sugarcanes, to be lost forever.

But it soon becomes clear that Reyka’s reasons for returning to her homeland are far more complex than they first appeared, and she finds herself drawn back to the source of a nightmarish childhood that continues to haunt her… a man named Angus Speelman (Iain Glen).

Having been abducted as a child, Reyka is traumatised by the experience, but this also helps her to enter the minds of Africa’s most notorious criminals and turn them inside out. However, her gift has consequences for her and those she loves.

In the first episode, Reyka is summoned to a hearing to approve Speelman’s (Iain Glen) parole application after 20 years of incarceration. This couldn’t come at a worse time for Reyka, and it sparks her latest wave of self-destruction as she neglects her motherly duties, misses her daughter Thuli’s (Rashaan Stackling) school sketch, and nearly has sex with a stranger in a bar.

Meanwhile, Soda (Khayalethu Anthony) chats up a young woman at a taxi rank and leads her through the cane fields. A severed arm is found, so Reyka sends the dog unit into the fields. The police find another body… and then another… and another.

The full series will be available to stream or download for free on All 4 after the transmission of this episode.

The Cane Field Killings, tonight, Channel 4, 10.30 pm.

This refreshing, remarkable thriller is set for its DVD and digital release on 30th May from Acorn Media International.

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