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Neighbours: David makes his confession | Home & Away: Roo looks for wise counsel

Pick of the Plots

Neighbours: David makes his confession | Home & Away: Roo looks for wise counsel

This week in Erinsborough and Summer Bay…

Monday: Nicolette throws a party to welcome Kiri to the street… and get close to her. After a rocky start, Chloe shares her suspicions around Glen to Nicolette, who agrees. They decide to keep an eye on him going forward… will they discover his secret?

A desperate Freya turns to her estranged brother Zane to beg for the money. He’s torn, but after an emotional plea he lends it to her. But even with the money secured, they’re not out of this yet

Tuesday: Still needing models, Amy sets her sights on Harlow and Corey. She imposes on their lunch date, oblivious to Harlow and Ned’s discomfort. Harlow’s coping fine… until Amy shares some shocking news.

Confident in his investments, Karl’s handing out financial advice to anyone in his path. But Clive doesn’t agree with his recommendations and Karl starts to question his investment in Montana. Is it too late for him to make the right choice?

Freya is furious with David for keying Dean’s car. Desperate, he visits Dean and asks him to stop playing games. But a hurt and betrayed Dean refuses to acknowledge what he’s talking about. Running out of options, David and Freya are forced to make a shocking decision…

Wednesday: David and Freya make their confession at the police station. Levi’s stung by her lies, and Clive can’t believe David’s actions. After questioning, they finally discover the identity of their blackmailer. Will they bring him to justice, or is it too late?

Ned receives a fiery serve from Harlow as she works with Amy on Fashion Week, and realises he has to pull himself together. Despite his attraction to Harlow, Amy’s love and dedication wins him over. He’s confident he’s made the right decision, but how long will it last?

Thursday: After their arrest, David and Freya are surrounded by support, but Freya’s still disconnected from Levi. Their meeting with the lawyers is painful; the defence strategy will focus on their traumatic stress… to excuse David and Freya letting Gareth die.

Mackenzie’s thrilled she’s helped make the Fashion Week launch a success, and has been celebrated by her community. She basks in Montana’s praise, but panics when her next photoshoot conflicts with law school – and Montana insists her attendance is non-negotiable.

Karl’s nervous about lying to Susan over his investment, despite Montana’s assurance he’ll see fast returns. It’s a close call when Susan finds his ripped-up cheque, and thanks him for not investing. How much longer can Karl keep it a secret?

Friday: Feeling betrayed by Karl, Susan decides to ask Montana for their money back. Montana feels guilty for the ruin she’ll cause them, but the plan falls apart when she overhears Susan badmouthing her. Chagrined, will Susan be able to get their money back?

When Chloe and Nicolette both see Glen acting strange around Kiri, they decide to team up. They talk to Leo, who doesn’t believe Glen has bad intentions, but promises to follow up. Backed into a corner, Glen’s in trouble.

Mackenzie gets her classmates to cover for her at uni so she can make the promo shoot. Her blasé attitude towards school worries Hendrix… but he can’t deny how incredible she does at the shoot. Deep down, he has a fear that Mackenzie is becoming a little self-obsessed.

Neighbours, Monday to Friday, 1.45pm and 5.30pm

Tuesday: Mackenzie & Logan are trying out their new honesty policy. Logan is supportive of Mackenzie’s grief over Ari. He encourages her to speak up. But Mackenzie doesn’t want a babysitter. She wants a boyfriend who respects her space. Honesty doesn’t need to be overbearing. Taking his support mission undercover, Logan recruits Ryder to be on the Mackenzie-lookout at work. Ryder is reluctant to spy but takes Logan’s number just in case. Ryder tries calling Logan at work but is sprung by Mackenzie. Trying to cover, Ryder acts like he’s talking to a customer, giving Mackenzie an unintended display of terrible customer service.

Mackenzie wonders, what’s gotten into Ryder? An indelicate Ryder pushes Mackenzie over the edge when she sees a clip of the Ari memorial video. Ryder tries to apologise, but Mackenzie plays the tough boss card, sending him back to work. Wounded, Mackenzie hides her pain behind a tough exterior. Catching Logan & Ryder talking, Mackenzie guesses what they’re up to. An insulted Mackenzie tells them both off for spying on her. Logan tries to empathise, but Mackenzie insists he cannot understand what she’s going through.

Caught on the back foot, Cash admits to Jasmine that he still feels like a guest in her home. Jasmine takes it personally, thinking he doubts their relationship. Jasmine vents to Irene, but Irene cools her down. Felicity coaches Cash through his awkwardness with a gracious ‘get over it’. Felicity is delighted by the role reversal of Cash coming to her for advice. But Cash has no patience for humour. He needs an exit plan for the awkward housemate situation. Cash admits that the problem is not living with Jasmine, it’s living with Irene. Felicity reminds Cash that he’s no dreamboat to live with either…he has his irritating habits. Jokes aside, Felicity warns Cash that backtracking on the move-in would shatter Jasmine’s heart.

Felicity tries to play ambassador for Cash but fails. After Felicity’s mood-killing pep talk, Irene decides to take matters into her own hands. She will have words with Cash. Irene lays down the law – Cash is welcome to be himself. Or if he’d prefer, they can all walk around in their underpants until he’s comfortable? That breaks the ice. Cash shakes on it – he’ll relax and be himself. Or at least try to. That’s good enough for Jasmine & Irene.

Theo wallows in guilt after the confrontation with Mia. Justin puts things in perspective for him. Theo had good intentions, just bad timing. Mia will eventually come around; Theo just needs to give her space. Justin coaches Theo through grief, explaining that people act badly out of hurt. Theo shouldn’t take it personally. Sensing their closeness, Justin asks Theo about his father, Dimitri. Does he miss him? Theo deflects, not ready to talk about Dimitri. Justin is left wondering what has happened between Theo & Dimitri. And why won’t Theo let him in?

Wednesday: A fraught Mackenzie is stewing under the surface. Her unresolved history with Ari is haunting her, threatening to spill over at any moment. An oblivious Dean brings up memories of Ari and sets Mackenzie off in tears. A sympathetic Ziggy follows her out, trying to understand Mackenzie’s outburst. Distressed, Mackenzie explains that she can’t stop replaying her former happiness with Ari and wonders if she’s still in love with him.

Her guilt causes her to bottle up, fearing this truth would crush Logan. Dean gives Mackenzie a different perspective. Perhaps her strong feelings for Ari is the need for closure. A despondent Mackenzie thinks this is hopeless – how can she get closure if Ari is dead? Dean suggests finding her own way to say goodbye. Mackenzie takes heed, speaking to a departed Ari from the ocean shore. A small weight is lifted for her. Relieved, Mackenzie expresses to Logan that it felt like saying goodbye to an old friend. Logan is relieved. The lovers are reconnected.

Alf decides to visit Martha in Merimbula. He puts the pressure on Roo to join, but she’s not ready to play happy families. Justin advises Roo to seize the day while her parents are still alive…you never know how long you’ve got. Alf’s diplomatic efforts push a wedge between him and Roo. Roo feels pressured to repair things with Martha & doesn’t like it. A concerned Alf sees Roo distressed and takes the pressure off. She’s free to do as she pleases. But of course, Alf & Martha would love to have Roo come to Merimbula. Roo feels torn.

Justin pushes Theo to reconnect with his parents, but Theo shuts the idea down. Justin wonders why Theo is so cut-throat about his parents. He knows Theo’s father, Dimitri was hard on Theo. But Theo’s attitude seems extreme. Justin wishes Leah was back to help him access Theo’s feelings. Dean feels guilty for not offering the Parata family help after Ari’s death. He notices the gym has remained closed. Maybe he could help them keep it running? Ziggy interjects – what does Dean know about running a gym? All he’s ever done inside a gym is rehab! But Dean is determined. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

John brings a heartbroken Nikau & Tane back to Summer Bay from the airport. With Ari’s body returned to New Zealand, the Parata family feels the hole that Ari has left in their lives.

Thursday: A sullen Mia is pleasantly surprised by the sudden return of Tane & Nikau. Mia struggles to be in the same house without Ari. Everything is as it was, but without him. Nikau keeps a brave face on for Mia, but behind closed doors he’s shattered. Despite his grief, Tane steps up and holds the family together. Trying to keep them financially secure, Tane decides to reopen the gym. Stuck in a rut, Mia replays Ari’s voicemail, trying to hear his voice. Mia dreams of Ari, and he gives her some loving advice – to keep her friends and family close to her.

Ziggy & Dean brainstorm ways they could help the Parata family. Home-cooked meals, free car services, mow the lawns? Nothing seems good enough. Dean is frustrated with himself. John joins in on the charity brainstorm. They decide a fundraiser could help get the gym back in action. Dean & Ziggy go to Mia with their crowdfunding proposal to help the Parata family cover their costs/loss of income. But Mia throws it back in their faces. She doesn’t want help.

Dean tries not to take it personally. Ziggy is emphatic – Mia was angry at the crowdfunding suggestion, not Dean. Determined to respect Ari’s wishes, Mia doesn’t want Ari to become a charity case. But she needs to follow Ari’s advice from her dream – keep loved ones close. After cooling down, Mia apologises and gives Dean & Ziggy the all-clear on the crowdfunding page. With a renewed resolve to move forward, Mia gets back to work at the gym. Tane is glad to see Mia on the up.

Nikau tells John he needs to pull his weight for the family. Having an unpaid volunteer job is not going to keep the bills paid. But he can see Tane is feeling the weight of family responsibility. Nikau tells Tane to give himself a break, encouraging Tane to reach out to Felicity. Tane should have someone look after him for a change.

Listening to his nephew’s advice, Tane seeks out Felicity for some much-needed tenderness. Sprung mid-boogie with her headphones in, Felicity is delighted to see Tane safely returned. Despite the grief, Tane looks truly happy to be back in Summer Bay. Roo refuses to go to Merimbula to visit Martha, believing it would validate Martha’s decision to not have the transplant. Roo clings to her stubbornness. Roo wishes Alf safe travels to Merimbula. The pressure is off between father and daughter, but Roo isn’t letting Martha off the hook just yet.

Friday: Nikau & Bella are jubilantly reunited. Bella has been a dutiful caretaker for Chloe while the guys were in New Zealand. Nikau flags with Chloe that the family is strapped for Cash after the funeral expenses. Maybe Chloe could get back to work at the Diner to help? Irene tries to make some shifts for Chloe at the Diner. Chloe acts the part at work, but privately she stresses that she’s not ready to be back working. Bella reminds her that keeping busy is good for her right now. Finally given some time alone, Bella demands Nikau let her take care of him. Nikau is delighted to have Bella back.

The Parata family slowly find their feet. Back at work, back with their friends & loved ones. Things seem to be settling back into some semblance of normal…But Chloe’s act falls apart at work, walking out on her shift. Chloe turns to Nikau & Bella, but the couple are busy reconnecting. Chloe feels alone. Who can she turn to? Seeing how truly wounded Chloe is, Nikau & Bella are racked with guilt. Bella apologises for forcing Chloe back to work too soon. From now on, Bella will make time to support Chloe & Nikau both. Chloe is relieved to have her friend by her side.

Roo looks for wise counsel…but finds John instead. She can’t understand why making the right choice still feels so bad. John delivers some surprising wisdom. If he were in Martha’s position, he wouldn’t accept an organ from his child if it could endanger them in future. Roo is taken aback. Maybe John can understand Martha’s decision?

Tane laments all the years he missed when Ari was in prison & Tane never visited. Felicity puts his troubled mind at ease – Tane has been the rock that the Parata family needs. That’s what Ari would have wanted. Tane is relieved to have Felicity’s soothing presence in his life. With a renewed sense of what’s important, Tane confesses to Felicity that he thinks of a future with her. Felicity is flattered by his loving admission, but also hesitant. Is she ready for this?

Felicity’s commitment-phobe reflexes go into overdrive. She rushes to Cash & Jasmine’s place, but neither are home. Irene stands in as romantic consultant. Irene puts Tane’s view in perspective – he’s been through hell. Tane is looking for some security in his life. Of course, he’d turn to Felicity. Felicity doubts her ability to be that person for someone. Her track record on love screams danger. Irene gives Felicity some difficult truth. If she’s not ready to be part of Tane’s future, she needs to tell him. Felicity confronts Tane about his deepened feelings. Is he clinging to Felicity out of grief?

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