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Neighbours: Susan’s appalled

Pick of the Plots

Neighbours: Susan’s appalled

This week in Erinsborough…

MondayGlen distracts from his interest in Kiri by confessing his love for Terese. It works too well – Chloe tells Terese, and when she decides to let him down gently, he’s forced to tell her it was a lie. Awkward, they both feign relief, but are they kidding themselves?

After her confrontation with Ned, Harlow tries to make it work with Corey… but she’s forced to admit there are no sparks. She breaks up with him, and he takes it like a champ. Has she made the right decision, or is she still caught up on Ned?

Thrilled with the Fashion Week buzz, Terese decides to go all out, unaware that Montana is due to be arrested during Fashion Week. She convinces her to let her spend more money, not knowing she’s heading straight for disaster…

Tuesday: When Freya brings Levi a peace offering, he feels too betrayed and refuses to hear her out. He reflects on their relationship – she’s been nothing but trouble and pain – and realises he can’t forgive her. Freya’s devastated, but he’s determined to move on.

Harlow’s bemused to find Corey still in Erinsborough… and doesn’t realise he’s a member of The Order trying to bring her in. He gives a secretive USB to his Order contact, but not before making his own copy. What is he up to and is Harlow in danger?

When Kiri’s mum Barbara arrives at the vineyard for a surprise visit, Glen’s oblivious to the bombshell just around the corner. Unaware of their connection, Kiri wants to introduce her mother to her co-workers. It’s looking like Glen’s secret is about to be exposed…

Wednesday: Everyone tiptoes around David, and Aaron worries when he’s disengaged with his lawyer. He admits he plans to accept the full force of the law, leaving Aaron terrified. What does this mean for their family if David doesn’t fight for himself?

Eager to introduce her Mum to her friends, Kiri invites Glen to dinner… which he lies his way out of. When Nicolette busts him later, she’s triumphant to catch him in a lie. She’s hot on his trail, and showing no sign of slowing down…

Thursday: With David and Freya spiralling out, Aaron tries to stay positive. He gives Freya work at The Shed and arranges for David to meet with Clive, but when it all falls through Freya considers returning to Echuca. It’ll take more than positivity to get them out of this mess…

When Paul sees Terese and Glen looking more than friendly, he confronts his brother, who tap dances around the truth. Paul’s suspicions flare, and he decides to join forces with Nicolette. Whatever Glen’s hiding, they’ll get to the bottom of it.

Friday: As Ned’s Fashion Week stress climbs, Harlow’s encouragement lifts his spirits. Corey cunningly pushes her to confess her feelings, but she’s reluctant after all they’ve been through. As Fashion week looms, will Harlow and Ned be able to resist their undeniable attraction?

Hyped about Fashion Week, Mackenzie continues to bail on her commitments. Hendrix can’t hide his disapproval, so she confronts him for his lack of support. When he fears he’s losing the real Mackenzie, they’re left furious with each other. Will they be able to work it out?

Susan’s appalled that Montana’s blown them off, and forces Karl to speak to her. Guilty, she gifts them a VIP Fashion Week package, which convinces him this is the beginning of their new, luxurious life… but in truth, they’re heading for a terrible fall.

Neighbours, Monday to Friday, 1.45pm and 5.30pm

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