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Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 26th April

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 26th April

Your Pick of the Plots for Tuesday, April 26.

Your Pick of the Plots for Tuesday, April 26.

Harvey relents and allows Jean to keep the wedding dress that she bought on his credit card. Later, Stacey corners Harvey at the launderette and pleads with him not to move away with her mum.

Harvey is rocked to the core however when he gets a terrifying phone call – Aaron has been seriously injured and is in hospital. Seeing his fragile state, Stacey supports Harvey at the hospital and Harvey admits what happened with the burner phone, blaming himself.

Stacey realises that Jean has been a distraction for Harvey and she tries to make him see this too, begging him not to marry Jean.

Meanwhile, although Stuart has started taking his pain medication, he is still reluctant to get involved with Roland.

Elsewhere, Ben is alarmed to learn from Callum that the man he attacked, Steve, has woken up; Sam manipulates her son as she seeks accommodation; Kim helps Chelsea to manage her money.

Also, Linda is back behind the bar at The Vic and Nancy asks Frankie to keep an eye on her. Things get tough when Mick returns from his holiday with Ollie and Janine. Can Linda resist a drink?

EastEnders, BBC One, 7.30pm

Jai’s on top of the world when Laurel tells him that she wants them to get back together.

Meanwhile, when April helps her dad to a drink of water, Marlon starts choking. April is terrified, believing he’s having another stroke and calls for Rhona.

Elsewhere, things are moving fast for Marcus and Ethan.

Also, Kim is furious she’s forced to waitress when a wealthy friend turns up for a coffee.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7.30pm

Burning bridges, John Paul refuses to talk to Sally, but she is still desperate to help him and turns to Mercedes for help.

Later, dreams shatter for Olivia at Hollyoaks High.

Meanwhile, using his expertise, Ste decides to tackle the mould on his own but manages to cause more damage in the process. Later, Ethan makes a shocking accusation. Are Ste and Sienna about to be caught out?

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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