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Maryland Cookies is calling for fans to ‘Keep it Kookie’ and share their own kookiness


Maryland Cookies is calling for fans to ‘Keep it Kookie’ and share their own kookiness

A nationwide poll has found that modern Brits are in more tune with who they are and are now happier to engage with their more eccentric sides.

In fact, the study by Maryland Cookies, found that a staggering 88 percent of Brits confess that they wear their heart on their sleeve and 81 percent believe that, as a nation, we are freer to be ourselves than ever before.

The data revealed that as we near our forties, we become more comfortable with ourselves and 38 is the age that people start to appreciate their real selves, quirks and all. And 71 percent of us say they really admire those people who remain true to themselves and let it all hang out.

We are also more willing to play with our eccentric sides with 78 percent of people believing that we are more “kookie” than previous generations. In fact, a whopper of 97 percent of Brits now agree that it is important to cut “loose” and let your hair down – and nearly half of us say that it is essential.

And that’s backed up by the fact that a quarter of us would be happier to be seen as eccentric and “kookie”, rather than boring and normal. And 68 percent believe that it is better to be yourself, rather than conforming to the norm.

Encouragingly, 95 percent of the parents polled say that they encourage their children to be more open and honest with them than their parents did. And 40 percent of people embrace their children’s eccentricity, hoping that they do not become ashamed of their uniqueness.

So, it’s no surprise that over half (55 percent) believe that Brits are happier to be themselves than previous generations and according to the vast majority of the nation we’re more open to showing our emotions, with 86 percent of us believing that the idea of the “stiff upper lip” is outdated.

Kate Needham from Maryland Cookies

“This research shows just how “kookie” modern families are. It’s great to see that, as a nation, we’re really starting to embrace our eccentricities and celebrate everything that makes us each unique. It’s all of our little quirks that make us who we are, so we’re happy that families are encouraging children to be themselves, no matter how ‘kookie’ they are!”

When it comes to how we display our kookiness, 42 percent claim to have a weird sense of humour and the same number talk to their pets. Regionally Glaswegians are most likely to aspire to kookiness, with 95 percent saying that they admire people who are happy being truly themselves.

Maryland Cookies is calling for fans to ‘Keep it Kookie’ and share their own kookiness at:

The research of 1500 UK residents was commissioned by Maryland Cookies and conducted by Perspectus Global in April 2022.

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