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Home and Away: Logan misunderstands Mackenzie’s financial situation

Pick of the Plots

Home and Away: Logan misunderstands Mackenzie’s financial situation

This week in Summer Bay…

MondayAfter hearing about Rick Booth’s ridicule of Mackenzie’s debt, Dean unleashes on him. Chloe secures her place attached to Bella’s hip. Despite Irene’s concern, Jasmine insists she feels no grief over the news of her estranged father’s death, but Felicity opens her eyes.

TuesdayNikau is keeping himself upbeat and grounded, greeting the sunrise with his taiaha warrior training. Mia and Chloe reconnect. Back working at the gym, Mia feels she is moving on with her life. Reeling from her sacking by Mackenzie, Felicity vents to Ryder.

Wednesday: Justin and Theo enjoy having the house to themselves. Ziggy airs her uncertainty to Dean. Mia is shocked to hear she’s been sleepwalking. Nikau won’t let Chloe get away with stealing his taiaha.

Thursday: Logan misunderstands Mackenzie’s financial situation. Roo confronts Marilyn about her strange behaviour. Ziggy and Justin try to handle a preoccupied Theo at work. Ziggy tracks down a fraught Theo, mid-escape. Irene gets an unexpected knock on the door.

Friday: Jasmine’s romantic dinner with Cash is interrupted. Cash makes small talk with a woman at the ocean pool, unaware of her identity. Jasmine receives unexpected family news. Marilyn admits she is having a relapse, but is unhappy to be reliant on medication. To Logan’s shock, a debt collector shows up on Mackenzie’s doorstep. A distressed Jasmine runs into Cash’s arms. A robbery at the diner reveals a shocking truth to Cash, who intervenes on Jasmine’s behalf. Jasmine has difficulty dealing with her newfound family.

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