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Neighbours: Its time for Lassiters Fashion Week by Montana Marcel

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Neighbours: Its time for Lassiters Fashion Week by Montana Marcel

This week in Erinsborough…

MondayLassiters Fashion Week by Montana Marcel kicks off and Terese is thrilled. Leo is anxious for his gin launch, and his family rally in support. Unable to deny his feelings for Harlow, Ned agrees to break up with Amy, but after her fashion show.

TuesdayA shocked Amy demands an explanation from Ned. Amidst Amy’s fashion disaster, the police arrive to arrest Montana early, and Fashion Week falls apart, just as Paul planned. Devastated to discover Montana is insolvent, Susan is furious at Karl, and now they’re down $200,000.

WednesdayWith Lucy’s arrival in Erinsborough, things turn from bad to worse for Terese. When Glen discovers from John Wong that Nicolette is digging into his past, he feels like the walls are closing in. Despite Karl’s attempts to redeem himself, Susan is keeping him firmly in the doghouse.

ThursdayMackenzie is still upset after Fashion Week, and Hendrix tries to cheer her up, but he’s interrupted by a coughing fit. With Karl being the housemate from hell, Paul enlists Jane to help mend the Kennedys’ rift. When Nicolette learns Lucy is close with Glen, she bombards her with questions.

FridayA devastated Hendrix reels from his diagnosis, and when the time comes to tell Karl and Susan, they come together to support him. Feeling judged and ashamed, Harlow reaches out to her support network, just as Corey isolates her from her loved ones.

Neighbours, Monday to Friday, 1.45pm and 5.30pm

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