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Doctors: Sid isn’t impressed

Pick of the Plots

Doctors: Sid isn’t impressed

This week in Letherbridge.

Monday: The Sutton Vale team get an unexpected visit from the new Director of Primary Care at the CCG, Deep Chandra (45-60) who wants to assess their procedures. Chandra is keen not to get in the way but Jimmi calls for back-up. Bear persuades Al to go over.

Meanwhile, Jimmi juggles patients while Scarlett deals with patient Denise, unapologetically late but insisting on seeing Jimmi. Then Scarlett takes a call from a patient who thinks their pet tarantula might have escaped in the surgery that morning. Scarlett is terrified. At the Mill, Al tells Bear he will track down the Gabber poster and Valerie is on a mission to take everyone’s photos, without them noticing. Overhearing their chat, she discovers that she’s been called ‘cheugy’ and once Al tells her what it means is insulted. Zara updates Emma on the Sid and Princess gossip and asks her to take over as Trainer – she needs someone who can handle Princess.

At The Campus Surgery, Princess sweetly tells Karen that she doesn’t think she’s a Karen with about as much sincerity as a sausage, leaving Karen to retort that she doesn’t think she’s royalty. They are interrupted by Valerie who swiftly takes their photos, ignoring Princesses insistence that she wants editorial control over all images of her.

Tuesday: Sid isn’t impressed to see Bear treating Princess like normal while he’s being off with him, so when Bear announces that he’s moving out, Sid calls him on it. At Sutton Vale, Jimmi laughs when he hears that Emma is replacing Sid as Princesses Trainer. Emma notices that Maeve seems down and brings her tea. Later on Maeve invites Emma trampolining. Emma’s bad hip means she has to decline.

At the Campus Surgery, patient Michael wants help with his hearing, but Daniel is more concerned with how unkempt he is. Michael admits that his Carer walked out three weeks ago. Daniel calls the Care Company and learns that Michael assaulted the Carer with a record and the company are now refusing to work with him.

Wednesday: Daniel and Zara inform Princess that Emma is taking over her training and she should report to the Campus today. Before she leaves, Princess pumps Valerie for information about Emma and learning that she’s bisexual goes on a full charm offensive in their first meeting. Valerie and Daniel are excited when a large parcel arrives, others are less impressed by the contents.

A TV crew are outside the Police Station when Karen drops Rob off. A teenage girl has gone missing. Inside the station the missing girl’s mother, Clare, appeals on TV for her daughter Stacy to come home. Alannah sees the press conference and is transported back two years to a time when she was sat in that chair, appealing for her daughter Keeley to be found safely. Alannah is galvanised into action. At the Station, Alannah tells Rob that she thinks both girls could have been abducted by the same man. Rob gently reminds her that there was no evidence her daughter was abducted and tells her she should go home.

Thursday: Sid is working at a Street Clinic when a homeless teen collapses. He gets her something to eat and drink. The teen, called Mia, says that she can’t go home because of her Dad.

Meanwhile, Ben Jackson is concerned that his daughter Grace Jackson has been sick she admits to having a hangover. Ben is cross but makes her toast, before leaving with some Missing Person flyers. Sid probes and Mia finally reveals that her father abused her which is why she ran away he is powerful and no one would believe her. Sid urges her to speak to someone her sister may also not be safe but Mia is reluctant and leaves.

At home, Grace excitedly shares news on her ‘Mia is Missing’ Vlog a charity worker called Chips can take her to Mia! As Sid leaves he spots Mia, but she has also been spotted by Ben. Mia leaps into Sid’s car, appealing for him to drive. Sid sees Ben coming menacingly towards them and puts his foot down. Ben makes a note of Sid’s licence plate as he calls the Police.

Doctors, BBC One, Monday to Thursday, 1.45 pm.


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