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Pobol y Cwm: Jinx spends the night with Jaclyn

Pick of the Plots

Pobol y Cwm: Jinx spends the night with Jaclyn

This week in Cwmderi…

Jinx spends another evening in Jaclyn’s company but too much wine leads them to dangerous territory.

Anita manages to save APD’s work by getting the better of Griffiths. Jinx wrestles with his conscience after spending the night with Jaclyn but Jaclyn, on the other hand, seems to be happy with the developments.

Meanwhile, Gaynor is over the moon that Dani has been offered a place at university.

Tyler decides to ignore Mark’s advice and decides to share the news about Brynmor and Cassie with Kath. Meanwhile Hywel discovers Gwern and Arwen hiding in his house.

Mae Jinx yn treulio noson arall yng nghwmni Jaclyn ond mae gormod o win yn arwain y ddau at dir peryglus. Llwydda Anita i achub gwaith APD drwy gael y gorau ar Griffiths. Mae Jinx yn ymladd efo’i gydwybod ar ôl iddo dreulio’r noson efo Jaclyn ond mae Jaclyn, ar y llaw arall, yn hapus iawn ei byd. Yn y cyfamser, mae Gaynor wrth ei bodd fod Dani wedi cael cynnig lle ar gwrs prifysgol. 

Penderfyna Tyler anwybyddu cyngor Mark drwy fynd draw i weld Kath a rhannu ei amheuon gyda hi am Brynmor a Cassie. Yn y cyfamser, mae Hywel yn darganfod Gwern ac Arwen yn cuddio yn ei dŷ. 

Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 8 pm. English and Welsh subtitles. Omnibus on Sunday.


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