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Neighbours: Corey drugs Harlow who is oblivious to Freya fighting for her life

Pick of the Plots

Neighbours: Corey drugs Harlow who is oblivious to Freya fighting for her life

This week in Erinsbrough…

Monday: Stunned but excited, Mackenzie accepts Hendrix’s proposal. His family is ecstatic and Hendrix leaves Sydney feeling closer to them than ever. Back on Ramsay Street, the two lovers share their engagement news and bask in the love.

In a secluded cottage, Corey keeps Harlow in a drugged state. Freya’s suspicions pique when she sees Harlow’s cardigan in Christabel’s car, and decides to investigate. When she arrives at the cottage she finds Harlow in an addled state… before she’s attacked by Corey.

Tuesday: With unconscious Freya tied up, Corey whisks a drugged Harlow away to a new location. Freya manages to free herself; when David and Levi find her they set off in hot pursuit… but will they be able to reach Harlow in time?

Nicolette sees Chloe and Kiri’s closeness, and the ball finally drops – she can’t keep pining for Kiri. When she tells Jane she’s ready to date again, Jane’s thrilled… and already has a list of dating apps for her. Struggling at work, Kiri seeks solace with Chloe and suggests another sleepover. Aware she’s vulnerable, Chloe puts some boundaries in place. Kiri understands, but it’s clear the feelings remain. How long will these girls be able to wait?

Wednesday: With David, Freya and Levi’s help, Harlow escapes Corey’s grasp. A stubborn Christabel’s brought in for questioning, and Freya cracks her open – but she has no idea where Corey is. It brings little comfort to Harlow; justice is yet to be served. Seeing Freya’s selfless efforts to save Harlow, Levi’s admiration for her is reignited. All at once, their trademark chemistry is back in full force… but are they brave enough to take the next step?

Leo’s concerned about the awkward dynamic at the vineyard, and Glen feels responsible. He tries to make up for it by taking on more work but pushes himself too far, resulting in a dangerous accident. All alone, Glen’s in dire straits.

Thursday: When Paul makes Chloe deal with another work issue above her paygrade, she snaps and demands a meeting with HR. To her surprise, he listens and agrees to get her an assistant. Satisfied, she finally feeling her voice is being heard.

Glen is brought into hospital, fearing he’s suffered permanent damage. He’s offered opioid pain relief but turns it down for fear of becoming addicted. He’s determined to push through the pain, but how long will he be able to last?

Terese is furious to discover Paul has been hiding assets in preparation for their divorce. She hunts for a way to get back at him but realises she can’t let herself stoop as low as him. Focused on Paul, she’s stunned when she comes face-to-face with her estranged mother.

Friday: Hendrix and Mackenzie’s engagement party is imminent, and the street come together to celebrate their young love. He’s enjoying himself – not thinking about his illness – when he gets the phone call of a lifetime…

Terese is conflicted to be reunited with her mother Estelle, who claims she’s here to support her. A call to Nick exposes Estelle’s true motivation – she’s homeless. Stung, Terese wants to mend their relationship, but will she ever be able to trust her mother?

Neighbours, Monday to Friday, 1.45pm and 5.30pm

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