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Home and Away: Ziggy and Dean have to cover for Mackenzie in front of Logan

Pick of the Plots

Home and Away: Ziggy and Dean have to cover for Mackenzie in front of Logan

This week in Summer Bay…

Monday: Feeling guilty for Mia’s distress, Nikau tries reaching out to Chloe to clear the air. Bella cautions Nikau to go easy on Chloe – she is vulnerable since they established boundaries with her. Feeling bruised, Chloe is quick to dismiss Nikau’s olive branch. But when Nikau voices his serious concern for Mia’s wellbeing, Chloe is all ears. Feeling she is inadequately equipped to deal with Mia’s problems, Nikau promises to help.

Mia’s decision-making is running full steam, she’s tying all her loose ends before leaving the Bay, starting with signing the business over to Tane. A powerless Tane feels that he’s failed Mia, but she insists there is nothing he could do.

Roo is struggling with the distance between her family. Alf won’t answer his phone & Roo is getting ants in her pants. What’s going on? Irene calmly advises Roo to have some patience & faith in Alf. Sympathising with Roo’s agitation, Irene agrees to go with Roo to Merimbula. Alf finally calls with the good news that Martha is well, just a little dehydrated. But Roo feels like their issues are going unresolved, so she & Irene hit the road.

Cash is proud of Jasmine for putting aside her pain & asking her siblings to stay in the Bay. Rose on the other hand, is a little stumped by Xander’s rash agreement to stick around.

Tuesday: Nikau & Bella promise to check in with Chloe since her fiery refusal to leave Summer Bay. Chloe heads into work on her day off, keen to keep her mind occupied. A concerned Marilyn gives Chloe some unsolicited advice – ‘be clear with Mia that you don’t want to leave the Bay’.

Mia is despondent, believing her & Chloe were making progress in their reconnection. The tension is still fraught between Tane & Mia since her announcement about leaving the Bay.

A shared experience of grieving Ari reconnects a brittle Mia & Chloe. But where Chloe finds comfort in being reminded of Ari, Mia finds it unbearable. Mother & daughter agree that they need different things. Mia needs to leave Summer Bay so she can breathe, and Chloe needs to stay to feel connected to her happy memories. It is a bittersweet moment between them. Unable to part with her daughter, Mia decides to stay in Summer Bay, vowing to find a coping mechanism.

Meanwhile Mackenzie has hit the ground running, touching base with Felicity about the next Poker night. Felicity has the Poker night ready to roll, with an influx of high rollers, allowing Mac to raise the buy in. Felicity jokingly reflects on Mac’s former hesitation about illegal gambling nights. Now she’s Lady Casino. But when Felicity bails on the poker night at the last minute to look after Tane, Mackenzie needs to hold the fort solo

Wednesday: Justin & John touch base about Theo after the Dimitri debacle. Spending time with his mother is helping, according to Leah’s reports. The men hope it’s the last they see of Dimitri for a long time. He has some self-reflecting to do. As far as Justin’s concerned, Dimitri is gone. Problem solved.

Desperate to find a replacement for Felicity at the Poker night, Mackenzie recruits Ziggy. Under the guise of it being a Bucks Party, Dean is not happy about Ziggy getting all dolled up for a bunch of drunk guys. Mackenzie switches on the fly – actually it’s a Hen’s night. Ziggy laughs off Dean’s concern, eager to help Mac out. Dean is on edge, not sure what to do with a night without Ziggy.

Ziggy is aghast when she discovers what Mac is really hosting. Poker? Surely, this is illegal! Ziggy refuses to lie to Dean about it, only agreeing to stay & help on the condition that Mac comes clean to Dean.

Getting her priorities straight, Felicity takes the night off Poker to give Tane some much-needed TLC. Tane’s not sure she’s made the right decision – aren’t the Poker nights her project? Felicity assures Tane that with him is where she wants and needs to be. He’s touched by her compassion. In a post-coital bliss, Tane suggests they get spontaneously dressed up and attend the Poker night. A bit of glamour & financial risk could be fun. Glad to see Tane’s spirits perked, Felicity agrees.

Thursday: Still reeling from the Poker night revelation, Dean bullies Ryder into being his informant. He needs details on who is attending the poker nights so he can do background checks on them. Ryder is reluctant, feeling loyal to Mackenzie. But Dean makes an intimidating point – who would he rather see angry? Dean or Mac? Ryder is backed into a corner, forced to concede.

Leah and Marilyn are glad to see Theo is thriving upon his return to Summer Bay. It seems some time with his Mum did the trick. He’s in good spirits

At home alone, Theo is shocked when Dimitri comes to the door, demanding to speak. Theo thought he’d left the Bay. Dimitri forces open the door, insisting they are done only when he says so. Just when Theo thought he was safe… he can’t escape from Dimitri. John gives Justin a warning call – Dimitri is at Salt. Leah & Justin go to confront a brewing Dimitri at the bar. He is not in a mood for discussion, turning the blame on Leah & Justin for the hostility.

Alf & Roo continue their feud over Martha’s treatment. Trying to settle the score, Martha discharged herself form hospital to speak with Roo. A steaming Alf watches on, vexed. Roo can’t believe that Alf has brought Martha back from Merimbula – she looks sick.

Friday: Jasmine & Cash keep up the family bonding with Xander. The volleyball rematch is underway, with Jasmine & Xander finding their playful side together. Rose still suspects Xander could be cut off at any moment by Jasmine.

Testing her protectiveness, Xander considers applying for a paramedic job at Jasmine’s work. Rose is affronted by Xander’s degree of commitment. Determined to be a supportive big sister, Rose applies for a transfer to Yabbie Creek Police station.

Roo and Martha strive to find their rhythm. Alf goes a little overboard trying to bond mother and daughter. Martha bristles at Alf’s interference. Dimitri and Theo sit down for an honest conversation. Dimitri admits that he was once like Theo – rebellious and challenging. His own parents were driven crazy by his behaviour. Theo is surprised to hear this. Isn’t Dimitri all about rules and discipline?

Leah confronts Dimitri about manipulating Theo, sending him into an aggressive rage. Witnessing this, Theo warns Dimitri to back off. Dimitri tries to turn Theo against Leah, claiming she is brainwashing him. Theo hits back that Leah and Justin are better parents than Dimitri ever was. A bruised and enraged Dimitri leaves at Theo’s command, but takes his vengeance to Justin at the garage.

When Justin tells Dimitri that he needs to take responsibility for what he’s done, Dimitri flies into a violent rage, punching Justin. Dimitri leaves an unconscious Justin on the garage floor alone.

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